How To Understand Your Self-Knowledge And Use It Correctly

How to understand your self-knowledge?

Knowing the characteristics of your character, thinking, and behavior, you can highlight the most outstanding of them. And use them in the best possible way in the profession, education, and relationships. The feeling of uncertainty, the thirst for self-realization, the lack of inner harmony are signals that push towards self-knowledge. 

People who know their character and abilities are more effective in life than those who know little about themselves. A large study conducted by the consulting firm Korn Ferry between 2010 and 2013. And found the relationship between the level of self-awareness of professionals and the financial performance of the companies in which they worked. 

The highest results were shown by employees who are well aware of their strengths and weaknesses. In addition, professionals with low levels of self-awareness were 79% more likely to have low self-esteem and were less effective. It turns out that self-knowledge helps to not only be effective. But also helps to solve problems with low self-esteem and excessive anxiety.

The self-knowledge factor

Self-knowledge helps to relieve the burden of doubts and decide on a profession, find your true interests. Become calmer and make relationships with people pleasant and joyful. However, this will take more than one day. And in order to properly understand your characteristics ( peculiarities of thinking, values, motives of behavior, needs, and predispositions to certain types of activities) you may need help. (For this, by the way, our self-knowledge program was developed. Which helps to choose a business to your liking, return interest in life, improve relationships and find harmony.)

Small wins add up to big ones, so you can start working on your character right now. If you want to become more successful, more effective, find a job in life and just be a prosperous person, you just need self-knowledge.

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Self-knowledge and its role in our life

Self-knowledge is an ongoing process that begins from the moment a person is born and continues throughout life. The knowledge that reflects the essence of a person forms its value for society. Simply put, the better a person understands his uniqueness (character, abilities, thinking, motivation, etc.). The more satisfaction he gets from life.

Self-knowledge offers a way to realize your own desires and aspirations. Knowing ourselves, discovering step by step the depth of our personality, we begin to move towards self-realization. And it helps to find a place in the huge outside world. There is a place for everyone. Otherwise, what was each of us born for ?

When knowledge about ourselves is not enough, we can –

Feeling insecure, anxious, and easily unsettled. If we do not know ourselves, we are always in danger. After all, the lack of a clear set of values ​​puts us in an uncertain position and makes us spend more energy and even nerves. In addition, we will be easily confused by events that seem negative, and we will worry about minor things. Knowing what is important to us, what we are willing to put up with. And whatnot will make our life more comfortable and calmer.

Create unnecessarily tense and complex relationships. We cannot improve relationships with other people if we do not improve relationships with ourselves. Understanding your motives and behavior patterns in certain situations. (after all, you are probably familiar with repetitive situations when you seem to step on the same rake) That will help to interrupt their cyclicality. The cyclicality occurs precisely because of the lack of information about oneself. We tend to project our own traits onto other people, and if we do not accept our shadow sides. This causes us a negative reaction and, as a result, a negative attitude towards another person.

Choosing the wrong job and pursuing false goals. When it comes time to choose a profession or at least a direction of activity, most likely, the thoughts of other people guide most of us. For example, we choose a specialty on the instructions of parents or at random, just to get a diploma. When we focus on the needs and wants of others, we are more likely to miss our own. Of course, it is worth listening to advice, but you need to be guided only by your own well-grounded beliefs and desires. And in order to be guided by them, they need to be defined.

Waste your time and money on things that don’t bring happiness. Without self-knowledge, we will make the wrong choice. Again and again. Spending time with the wrong people, buying the wrong things, doing things that don’t bring us joy. We may even genuinely try to communicate more and better. But the feeling of dissatisfaction will still leave a mark. 

We can buy more expensive things, but the hole from the inexplicable shortage will remain. And this will continue until we understand what we really need and what needs remain unresolved. Knowing ourselves, we will stop wasting time with people with whom we feel weaker or with whom we are simply not interested. And we will stop doing useless things, such as buying unnecessary clothes at sales.

Self-knowledge helps to change ineffective behaviors into effective and beneficial ones. 

The opportunities we have,

  • make positive changes in life
  • create and maintain relationships
  • less disillusionment with work
  • less to succumb to general panic and other people’s emotional reactions 
  • be more empathetic and compassionate to others.

An insufficient level of self-knowledge significantly reduces the quality of life and makes it more difficult. When you do not find a place for yourself. When you understand that you are not doing what you need and what you are predisposed to. It twists on the physical level, not only on the psychological. Scientists have long established a link between emotional pain and physical sensations.

In other words, when we experience emotional pain, we activate the same neurons as in physical pain. And the emotional pain is very real. Dissatisfaction with oneself, one’s activity, and one’s whole life lead to a drop in self-esteem, self-criticism, and passive behavior. Negative emotions accumulate and can lead to very serious illnesses. Over time, unspent emotions are transformed into diseases and illnesses of our body.

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