How to setup and configure foscam fi8918w camera?

In those days we are so busy, We don’t have enough time for our family or loved ones. So a fear of security for family is always in our mind. Is there any way to keep an eye on your loved ones, property, offices? Yes thanks to the camera. With the help of a security camera you can solve your problems. In this technology world all cameras are becoming more advanced. so foscam fi8918w is one of them, that allows you proper security and totally remote access from any corner.

If you are looking to set up a camera then foscam fi8918w is the best that provides you proper safety by keeping an eye like a watchdog. It is a wireless camera that will offer features like HD quality videos, 2 ways communication, night visions, motion detection, Remote internet access and many more. The setup process is also too easy. After accessing the login portal of foscam fi8918w camera needs to enter foscam camera default password which is “ADMIN’ and also you will enter on the main portal.

Setup foscam fi8918w camera

To complete the foscam fi8918w camera setup you need to follow some instructions that are given below –

At first plug your camera’s power adapter into an electric socket and switch it on. Now connect a cable to your camera with your modem (router). Installation is done, now you need to prepare your camera for use.

Just launch installed software, It will automatically find nearby active foscam cameras. Foscam will recognize the IP of camera.
A new web browser will automatically open and it also redirect you to the configuration portal. And it will ask to install the plugin, after installing just restart the web browser. In this way you can easily set up your foscam camera.

How to configure foscam fi8918w camera

The plugin confirms to you that the camera is working or not. If you can view the images means the camera is working. Here are some simple steps to configure.

Just launch your web browser, if the browser has cleared your previous configuration page then need to open foscam fi8918w software to access the configuration page. After entering the login portal it will ask you to submit your credentials. The default username is “admin’ (in small letters). No need to enter the password, and hit the login button. If you want to change language. The option of change language is available below just click on it and also select your suitable language and save it. The language will change.

After login you also need to modify your login credentials. Choose any username that you didn’t forgot in future and set a strong password after submitting click on enter and your profile is created. Note down these details on a paper or also take a screenshot for later use.

You will also get an option of a setup wizard on your screen. Here you need to select your country. Set a name to your foscam fi8918w camera then proceed for the next step. Choose a time zone if you want to use daylight saving, and can start this mode by configuring the setting. Now scan Wi-Fi networks, Also connect with your router Wi-Fi network by entering the password and click on save now your foscam fi8918w camera is ready to use.

Reviews –

The foscam fi8918w camera is a totally wireless camera, it also supports 2 way communication, PC storage, alerts via emails or notifications and many more. You can also place this camera at any point and monitor your house from anywhere. It is suitable for all types of environment,It will come with in-built temperature sensors that save your camera from overheating.

Foscam supports wifi connectivity and does not need to install a battery. It will provide you 640 x 480 pixels video quality. The device is also totally compatible to work with any kind of smartphone, android, blackberry, Iphones and others. Compatible with any browser firefox, Chrome etc. If you are looking for a security camera at an affordable price then this foscam fi8918w camera is one of the best to ensure the proper security of your family and loved one. This camera is available at very affordable price. According to me advanced camera in suitable price is not a worth deal.

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