How To Replace Murphy Bed Hydraulic Cylinder?

A Murphy bed, also known as an out of sight bed, can be a great way to save space in your home, but it can also be tricky to work with if you don’t know how to fix any problems. The hydraulic cylinder on these beds can easily break, and repairing them can feel like you need to find a completely new cylinder to replace it. However, there are ways you can repair the hydraulic cylinder on your murphy bed without breaking the bank!


Murphy beds are an excellent solution for those with limited space. They fold up against the wall and can be out of the way when not used. But what happens when your Murphy bed cylinder goes out on you? The first step is to remove the headboard. Then, you’ll need to unscrew and remove the screws that hold down the bottom of the Murphy Bed frame and remove it.

Next, unhook all cables connected to motors or cylinders so they don’t get caught during the removal or installation. After eliminating all lines, carefully pull the Murphy bed off its hinges while holding onto the top part of the mattress/box spring and lift it high enough so that you can slide new cylinders in from underneath (this is where a second person would come in handy).

Once new cylinders are slid in from under the Murphy bed, bolt them back into place with some essential tools just like before until everything is bolted back into place securely  then put your headboard back on!

What You’ll Need

-Replacement Murphy bed Hydraulic Cylinder

-Socket Wrench and Torque Wrench

-Hydraulic Cylinder Adapter (if needed)

-Hydraulic Hose Repair Kit (if needed)

-Permanent Marker, Masking Tape, and Paper or Paint Brush (optional)

 -Step Stool (optional

Removing the Old Cylinde

  • First, disconnect the hose from the tank, drain the fluid and remove any debris that might be caught in the system.
  • Remove any bolts or screws holding on brackets or braces that are located near where you plan to drill a hole for your new cylinder base plate.
  • Drill a hole for your new cylinder base plate at least one inch away from any electrical conduit and gas pipes, making sure that there is enough space for you to securely attach your new cylinder base plate with bolts and screws
  • Attach the base plate with bolts and screws
  • Place a bracket or brace over top of where you drilled your first hole in step three
  • Using a ratchet wrench, bolt down the bracket or brace
  • Connect the hose back onto tank

Installing the New Cylinder

1. Shut off the water supply valves connected to the old cylinder and open up a faucet in the room for about two minutes. This will let you drain out most of the water before disconnecting anything else.

2. Disconnect any hoses that are connected on either side of the old hydraulic cylinder and remove the bolts that are holding it in place with a socket wrench or ratchet with a socket extension bar.

3. Lift out and set aside the old hydraulic cylinder and take note of how it was oriented so you can replace it in an identical manner later on, if necessary

4. Remove any debris from inside your cabinet by brushing or vacuuming, then wipe down any surfaces with a damp cloth

5.  Place the new hydraulic cylinder into the hole left behind by the old one and line it up so that when it’s upright, it is parallel to the front edge of your cabinet

6. Securely bolt it back into place using a socket wrench or ratchet with a socket extension bar

7. Reattach any previously disconnected hoses on either side of the new cylinder

8. Open up a few more faucets in different rooms to allow some air into your pipes


In the conclusion, If you’re dealing with a leaking or broken Murphy Bed Hydraulic Cylinder, it can be frustrating. However, if you know how to fix it, the process is easy. There are only two bolts on the hydraulic cylinder and they should come off easily enough with a socket wrench. Make sure that you have oil before you start putting everything back together so that the piston will slide in smoothly. If your Murphy Bed Hydraulic Cylinder is still leaking after you’ve replaced it, there’s probably an issue with the seal that needs to be fixed.

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