How to keep white granite countertops clean

Solid smooth granite is everyone’s choice when it comes to countertops. You have got plenty of options for granite colors. However, white granite has its charm and appeal. Most homeowners prefer white granite countertops. With granite countertops suppliers, you can get various options in white granite. They differ in their tone and the pattern on it. 

For instance, you can have pearl white, pure white, and ocean white granite. Similarly, white can go with whatever cabinets you want. However, if you are worried about spills and stains, yes, it will happen. There is no doubt that white countertops are not that easy to maintain. The spills and stains show clearly on its surface. But it does not mean you can’t keep it clean.

Ideally, you can say that the sealing will prolong its life span. However, keeping it clean is your duty. Yes, it is a bit tricky. But with conscious effort, you can do it. Besides, granite is resistant to stains. In the case of white granite, some extra measures are required. Therefore, follow the ways that are listed below:

  1. On-time cleaning
  2. Use warm soapy water
  3. Do not use detergent
  4. Use granite cleaner
  5. Reseal it periodically
  6. Use a chopping board
  7. Do not leave oil bottles on their surface

1- On-time cleaning:

If you are a lazy person, you have got a problem. The reason is that you cannot be irresponsible with white granite. To keep it stunning, you need to be proactive. Regular and quick cleaning is the key. If you let the spill stay on it for long, you will regret it. Therefore, wipe the spill and stains as soon as possible. 

So, if you want your top to look as white as it is, do on-time cleaning. Be responsible for it. In addition to that, use coasters. Similarly, ask other inmates to do the same. In this way, your white granite will shine like new.

2- Use warm soapy water:

For regular cleaning, use warm soapy water once a day. It will help you keep it clean. Similarly, use a soft cloth for wiping. Wipe a damp cloth gently on the surface. Doing it every day is a pro tip. Also, you can use this mixture for tough stains. However, if you wash it, wipe the water thoroughly. It will clean the oil content from the surface.

3- Do not use detergent: 

You should not use the detergent even for tough stains. Detergents are usually strong chemicals. So, they can damage the natural color of the white granite. Therefore, they are not suitable for staining. When you clean the stains or spills with detergents, they can leave a mark or discoloration. Moreover, that spot will damage the natural white shine of your countertop. So, it avoids using it for cleaning.

4- Use granite cleaner:

 Try to find a cleanser made for granite countertops. A cleanser that is specific for white granite is the best solution. It will protect its surface. Also, it will be a good cleaner. Granite countertops suppliers can also guide you about these cleaners. In this way, you will have expert advice.

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5- Reseal it periodically:

The sealing is essential for the life of granite. Therefore, resealing the countertop is also the best remedy for any damage. Similarly, white granite shines brighter due to the sealing. So, a spill may cast a color on it. Or an acidic drink spills on the surface, reseal the countertop. Time t\o time reseal is one of the best options. The new sealing will make it as fresh as new.

6- Use a chopping board:

The spills and stains are not the only issues. Also, scratches can damage your white countertop. Therefore, always use a cutting board for chopping veggies. Most people prefer the countertop surface for shopping. However, this is not the right way. 

It can damage the surface badly. So, use a cutting board to keep your granite clean. Similarly, avoid using any scrubbers or brushes directly on the top. It will affect the white surface of the countertop.

7- Do not leave oil bottles on the surface:

Leaving a bottle that contains oil is not a good idea. The oil content left on the white granite countertops can leave permanent stains. Also, it may be tough to clean the surface. Similarly, try not to let the oily creams stay on it too. The creams have chemicals that may cause discoloration of white granite. The warm water solution might not work on the oily stains.


Many homeowners prefer white countertops for their kitchens. White granite has a charming effect on your kitchen. Similarly, granite countertops suppliers provide you with quality white granite. However, keeping the white countertop clean is not that easy. You have to be proactive about its cleaning. For this purpose, do on-time cleaning. Never leave a spill on the surface. Also, avoid harsh chemicals. These simple ways will help in the long run.  

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