How to hide Steam games from friends?

Here, you’re going to need to appear invisible on the platform to hide Steam games from friends as you’re playing them. It will allow you to discreetly play a game without appearing online, therefore preventing a notification from popping up to your friends and ensuring that your current game activity isn’t displayed. Thus, you’ll need to do the following to hide the PC games from friends while playing them:

  • Here, you may have to open Steam.
  • Now, you can go to ‘Friends & Chat’ in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  • Then, you must select the dropdown menu next to your username.
  • Hence, you can now select ‘Invisible’ from the options.

Hence, you’ll need to make your profile private by clicking on Privacy Settings in your profile to how to hide steam activity games while still appearing online. You have to select the ‘Private’ option in the ‘Game details’ dropdown menu.

How do we need to hide specific Steam games?

Here, to prevent your friends from seeing specific games that you’re playing without making your account private, you may engage the following workaround:

  • Here, you have to open the game you want to play while appearing invisible.
  • Now, you must open the second game in Steam.
  • Then, you may return to appearing available.
  • Here, Steam can always show you as playing the most recently opened game. But if you open something in your library and keep it running in the background, then Steam won’t display the game you are trying to hide.

Thus, if you want to hide the game from your library, you can also right-click it, and select the ‘Manage’ option, then ‘Hide this game.’ You can also note that this can only hide it in your library. It means that the only people who can’t be able to see it, i.e., you and anyone who has approached your Steam game library.

How do we need to hide recent Steam game activity?

Here, you need to navigate your profile on the platform and alter your privacy settings to recent hide Steam game activity from your friends. Therefore, you can also hide your recent activity from your friends, preventing them from seeing what you’ve played recently from there. Thus, you need to follow the below to do this:

  • Here, you can open Steam.
  • Now, you may click your username to access your profile.
  • Then you have to go to ‘Privacy Settings.’
  • Hence, you must select ‘Private’ in the ‘Game details’ dropdown menu.

It is the only way to prevent other users from seeing your game activity on Steam. There is currently no other way to avoid friends from navigating to your profile and seeing your recent activity.

Here, we can warn you that as soon as you re-enable this setting to ‘Friends Only,’ your game activity might be on full display once again.

How do we need to hide Steam games from specific friends?

Thus, if there are only one or two friends, you want to hide the Steam games you are playing from them. Therefore, you can also hide your game activity from specific friends without impacting your entire friend’s list. Here, you have to do this, and you need to block them by doing the following temporary steps below:

  • It would be best if you opened Steam
  • Now, you can go to ‘Friends & Chat’ in the bottom-right corner, which displays on the screen.
  • Therefore, you may have to select the dropdown menu next to a friends’ name and then ‘Manage.’
  • Select ‘Block all communications’

Hence, if you are a private player, and you will want to know how to hide the Steam games you’re playing from your friends. Here, you can also Hide Steam games that allow you to privately enjoy games that you own in your library, with you being able to hide your game and recent activity on your profile from those on your friend’s list.

Here, we have mentioned a piece of information about the Hide Steam game activity. We hope the details about the Hide Steam activity will be helpful for you guys to prevent it from other users. You can also read the details given above for your Privacy settings to Hide Steam game activity from your friends and followers.

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