How to Get Custom Noodle Boxes with your Food Brand Logo?

Custom Noodle Boxes:

Custom Noodle Boxes – Noodles are the best invention of the Japanese in the twentieth century. There is an upsurge in the popularity of this delicious instant noodle that has been seen after it is commonly available in the market in 1971. The United States is in the top 10 countries with the highest consumption rate of noodles. However, noodles take 1 to 2 minutes in boiling water to cook or 4 to 5 minutes in hot water. Undoubtedly, they are having a heavenly taste in the busy scheduled life of these days.

Noodles are available in the dried form either in packets or in the cup. Cup noodles are highly popular in the market these days. However, CustomBoxesZone is offering the best noodle boxes in the town.

Customization of the Custom Noodle Boxes:

Custom noodle boxes in tempting and appealing looks are available at the CustomBoxesZone for the noodles. The customization of the instant noodles packaging boxes is a matter of art and we are the best artists in the town. 

All type of customization is available for noodle packaging as per the demand of the customer.

1-     Size: noodles boxes are having a noodle block with a seasoning or oil in the packet. We are providing the best packaging for them to store and enhance the shelf life of the product.

2-     Styles: the custom noodle boxes are available in vigilant and vibrant styles and designs as per the needs of the clients.

  1. Window die-cut with PVC
  2. Front tuck boxes
  3. Cup noodles packaging
  4. Auto bottom boxes
  5. Tray packaging boxes

3-     Material: food packaging is a serious matter of health. Therefore, it must be safe and secure for the food present inside the packaging. We offer custom printed boxes in the following material.

  1. Kraft paper packaging
  2. Cardboard paper packaging
  3. Corrugated packaging
  4. Boxboard packaging

Mesmerizing printing of the Custom Noodle Packaging:

Custom noodle packaging boxes are available in mesmerizing and captivating designs and prints with the latest innovative technology. We are deeply concerned about the health of the public. Therefore, every step is taken with care, love, and responsibility by our staff and craftsman. All the necessary details are printed on the noodle packaging in a comprehensive way and readable font size. The packaging of the custom noodle boxes with logo is also available for promotional purposes and launching of your noodles in the market.  Moreover, the details include the barcode of the noodles, the logo of the company, the flavor of the seasoning with all the ingredients, the shelf life of the noodles, and the direction to cook them. Also, the background coloring and themes are set as per the directions of the clients with the CMYK or PMS. Furthermore, our graphic designers are setting the theme and design of the noodle box in innovative designing and coloring with the aid of 3-D or Digital printing.

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