How to get a username that is taken on Instagram?

Getting an Instagram username of your choice can be a difficult thing. Sometimes, if it is already in use, you may find it even hard getting it. People tend to get the usernames that can define them. For some Instagram users, it might not be a headache; they can just add the dots and dashes in the desired usernames and get them. But Instagram, celebrities, and influencers need to rank themselves on certain pages because they need a certain amount of visibility on Instagram. 

You need an Instagram username of your choice, but the account holding it is inactive for the long term. So we can’t guarantee you this option, but there are great chances that the inactive account you want can be dropped from the Instagram database, and you may get that username.

There are several ways you can follow some of them listed below

What about buying a desired username?

So, There’s a market that helps you find your favorite username in exchange for money. Not one, but there are so many markets in this business. These types of markets sell you your favorite and popular username for a handsome amount of money. 

If you are rich enough, this will help you gain the desired username easily and quickly. But one thing can create a loophole here, and that is if your username is available for sale or not.

Purging the account 

Now look for the account. Is it inactive? The engaging activity is less? If yes then you can get their username, but for that, you have to request Instagram customer care. By contacting them, Instagram service will consider your stance of getting that username. 

The DM can help

This can be the simplest way of getting a username, and you have to directly approach the user holding your favourite username. You can strike a deal with that person or maybe request them. So they will remove the username from their account, and you can get it.

Copyrights or trademarking

Another way is trademarking the username and copyright with the help of an online patent. Once you get the patent’s confirmation, you may report that account using your favourite Instagram username. But we will not recommend this method as it is very time-consuming and takes up a lot of money.

Find the same kind of username

You may find this idea pretty obvious, but this can help if you are not much famous on Instagram. Or maybe you don’t care much about engagement or ranking issues. You may change your username a bit, and it can be used again. 

The market for Instagram usernames

You are all set up to launch yourself on Instagram, whether as an influencer or a blogger. Now the thing that matters here is your Instagram username. Keep in mind the Instagram username can influence your audience a lot. And it can be a key to getting much more popularity on Instagram. For many companies and blogging sites, gaining peaked popularity can be possible with the right username only. 

Sometimes Instagram users make very creative users and abandon their accounts. These accounts may be inactive for a while or a long time period. Since you can’t reach out to the users there may not be a way to get your hands on that username. So it’d be better if you could create.

The inactive account can be defined as the one not used for much time or inactive for a longer time. You can’t just take that username there are few methods you must follow.

Buying an Instagram username 

Various secondary markets are holding many usernames. You can sell them or use them; they vary from a few hundred to thousands of dollars. These types of markets have staked out the account in the early times and can be sealed in the later time.

Sometimes a name becomes popular within a matter of days or weeks. For instance, if a user has posted a special podcast or media related to the shows, movies and celebrities the account may rank higher than expectations. For example, “bigbang theory” was just a regular account belonging to a physics student but then it became popular. Now people want to get access to this username because it is popular even if it has been inactive for a long time. 

A few times the names can also be ranked if they are late to a movie or a tv show. Such as big bang theory is one of the famous names. So you may get this name if you want to after the account holding this name goes inactive.

Finding the information

If the account holding the name is inactive for a longer time, it does not mean the account holder is not around. It is also likely that the account holder may be more than happy to sell it for you. But knowing them or getting in touch with them may not be easy.

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