How to choose the right sandals this summer? Express guide and selection

Sandals, mules, espadrilles and other flip flops: in summer, we want to let our feet breathe and we prefer light shoes . Easy to wear, they slip on in no time and go easily with all our outfits. At the office, we opt for flat sandals or heels which are more chic but on vacation, we enjoy the comfort of flip –  flops  and  espadrilles . The good news is that in addition to being practical and easy to  wear, summer shoes  are also very easy to customize! The hot weather sets in and gives us the opportunity to finally empty our summer shoebox. Misfortune ! The leather of our favorite pair of sandals did not survive the salty waves of last August. Fortunately the sales are coming and, with them, potential replacements. But how to choose them? Micro-guide, maxi-utility.

 how to customize shoes?

If you find at the back of your closet an old pair of espadrilles  with a slightly outdated look or your sandals are a little too simple for your taste, there is only one thing left for you to do: personalize them! A few embroidered words, painted stripes, laces replaced by  ribbons … almost anything is possible. With very little material and a few minutes of work, it is possible to completely transform your shoes.

Which shape to choose?

There are many models of sandals: with or without straps, with heels or wedges, flat… The most important thing is to favor the shape that suits you, both in terms of support and respect for your body type. After 50 years, some women are prone to deformities of the toes, such as hallux valgus. It is therefore important to opt for adjustable sandals using “scratch” which adapt to these inconveniences while providing great comfort. And this is all the more necessary as summer is often synonymous with long days and hot weather. Result: the feet tend to swell. Many brands like primadonsanddonnas are riding the wave of sensitive feet by offering Garter Sandals with adjustable straps, or two heel heights or even two foot widths

DIY ideas to personalize your shoes

Whatever your style, you should find in this selection of creative ideas what to make your own beautiful shoes and thus personalize all your summer outfits. All you have to do is choose your model.

We plan to lace wide

We see them everywhere this year, the laced sandals. They have a bohemian side. We imagine ourselves barely leaving the meridian, languid. Two, three wrinkles of fabric, a hasty knot and our Garter Sandals hug our ankles. It’s chic and rebellious. Be careful, however: in summer, the feet tend to swell. So from the fitting, we check that we can lace-up with a certain largesse to avoid the sausage effect – immediately less bohemian.

Beware of rising models

Another trap of lace-up sandals and haughty alternatives: they only prove to be truly flattering on thin ankles and calves. Women that nature will not have equipped with ballerina straps will find their happiness in sandals that do not exceed the ankle.

We anticipate the harmful effects of the sun

A detail not to be overlooked when buying a pair of sandals: any complex lacing carries the risk of creating traces of tan… original. The more conscientious will spread sunscreen on their feet to avoid the famous striped sunburn . The very one that will become very embarrassing the following weekend at the baptism of little Louis, when we have put on our low-cut pumps.

Dare to color

The colorful shoe is the best friend of monochrome looks, basic sets and “days without”. So this season, the white T-shirt-jeans outfit will be revived by a pair of red sandals. A navy wrap dress will win out accompanied by green sandals. While the traditional brown gladiator sandals will warm up immaculate petticoats.

Thinking about his back

It’s hard to get out your 8 cm heeled sandals to go to work: too dressy, not comfortable enough, too perilous. But less ambitious heels are not banished from sunny sidewalks, however. Indeed, the silhouette will necessarily be flattered by four or five additional centimeters. And she is not the only one to be delighted. Our back will also thank us for avoiding the pain associated with wearing shoes that are too flat. We have been warned!

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