How Students Can Find Authentic Sources For Research Evaluation?

Research evaluation has now become very difficult for students. It is because it is very hard to find credible sources on the internet. There is a lot of information available on the information. Because of this, it has become very difficult for students to choose the right information for their academic assuagements. For this, they need proper guidance. This article is an ultimate guide for students who want to find an authentic source for research evaluation.

How To Start A Search For Sources:

Start with a simple method:

If you are thinking about how to look for authentic resources for research evaluation, then the best and easiest way is to start with simple steps. You just need to browse through Google search engines to see what you can find. At this stage, you do not need to go into complicated stuff.

Remove Wikipedia from your list:

Wikipedia is considered a huge source of information. However, you should avoid using it when you write an academic assignment. It is because Wikipedia allows the public to edit the information. Because of this, Wikipedia has a high risk of lack of accuracy. It is not considered a credible source for academic writing.

Yes to the scholarly databases:

In research evaluation, scholarly databases are your friend as they can help you find reliable resources. There are many online databases which can be trusted and can give you valuable information. You can make your whole academic research powerful by using scholarly databases.

Magazines and newspapers:

Many times, you can also find useful information from biased magazines and newspapers. It can give you useful information related to current events.

The library:

The library is the most obvious and common place to find authentic sources that contain useful information. However, in the modern age, its use is decreasing. It would be best if you try the library because it can still be highly useful.

The authenticity of a source:

As a student, you will come across an issue of finding the credibility of sources for research evaluation while searching for information for academic assignments. Following are some criteria that can help you make sure that you use credible sources only.

What is the depth?

When you find a source for your assignment, it is best that you look into the depth of it instead of just looking into the written content. You need to see how long your source is. Check if the source contains all the necessary information, such as documented data, reference list and abstract. However, if you are facing any difficulties, you must opt to buy dissertation online.

Who is the target audience?

When you are checking a source for research evaluation, it is always important that you ask who the target audience for this source is. It is because some sources have a particular goal in mind. Thus, you can avoid biases by checking the target audience.

What is the aim?

Just like you should check the audience, you should also know what the goal of the chosen resource is. What are the things that the article is trying to achieve? How well is the article persuading you? And how good is the article doing its job?

Who is the author?

The next thing you need to check for research evaluation is the author of the source. You need to ask who has written the article. Check the reputation of that author in his field. Look at other publications of that author as well to check his credibility.

Can you trust the author?

You need to ask if you can trust him or not. The main key is to find the reputation of the source. You can check the website where your source has been published. Try to look at the big picture here.

Is it relevant?

The next thing you need to do is to check the relevance of the source. You should look at the date of publication and all the other specific things that they have mentioned in their articles. If the article is old, then the article might not be relevant to your current assignment.

Can it be proven?

In research evaluation, you need to check whether the information given in the source can be proven or not. When you are searching for sources, you will find many people who have skills in persuasion. In that case, you need to think critically about whether the information given in a specific article can be proven or not.

How to Evaluate Source authenticity:

Using unreliable resources for research evaluation can harm your status and reputation as a student. That is why it is crucial that you ensure the information you are using is accurate and up-to-date. Here is how you can find reliable sources:

What are the reliable sources?

Usually, sources which have been published in the past few years are considered to be reliable sources for the research. You should also think of the author of your chosen resource. Check the reputation of the author and his other publications related to a particular field. The reputation of the author shows that your article is highly credible. You can also use government and educational websites. They are very helpful to be a very safe source as well as academic databases. Google Scholar can also be a highly good source of information for your research.

What is a potentially unreliable source?

Sources which are not up-to-date show that they have been published for more than ten years. You should avoid those sources. You should also avoid using the material published on social media or any personal blogs. It is important that you ensure that the article includes all the proper references and that the website ends with .org or .com. if you are unable to find authentic resources, then you should look for dissertation writing services UK.


With the help of the above guide, you can now easily find authentic resources for the research evacuation. You need to follow the above-given tips when you are looking for a source of information. It is highly crucial that you check the credibility of a source before using it in your academic assignments.

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