How easy is it to use a Segway?

The best aspect of riding the Segway is that the feeling of accomplishment is evident quickly. The Segway can provide one thing more than all that is a lot of fun, and this is in all weather conditions. Because in UK-Segboard, there’s the e-work, the only indoor Segway park.

Recently, the course was relocate out of the UK-Segboard commercial zone to UK-Segboard Strasse, located next to the former Euler brewery. The system is a lot of driving pleasure across a space of about 1000 square meters. First, there’s extensive instruction because the owner of the e-work, Mario Silbermann, would like to ensure that the users are safe on Segways before letting off energy in the field.

Control of body weight

This means that I must climb with my guide. A helmet is require when using it. Mario Silbermann first holds the Segway for me, and I can get on: The feet must be parallel and straight along the axis of both wheels and on which it is crucial to maintain balance. After the briefing, I’m allow to get familiar with the Segway. It works by using built-in and preset electronics that the body’s weight can easily control. Weight forward and handlebars, the Segway shifts forward, moving the weight forwards. Reverse gear is engage. It’s the same on the left side: handlebars to the left and handlebars to the right, and the two-wheeled vehicle adjusts to my movement. If I can hold my weight in one direction to the Segway, it can be turned around its focus. As simple as it appears as the balance comes from your hips and pelvis as much as your legs. As the stand-up paddler, these movements are widespread actions.

In the first area of the Segway garage

You’ll first move to a more level area for practice. The goal is to maneuver around barrels and develop an understanding of the steering. Additionally, contrary to the handlebars of a bicycle, those on Segways aren’t the biggest; therefore, when you drive through obstacles and corners, it is essential to pay special attention to the size of the wheel axle to ensure that you don’t end up stuck or tip over. Following that, you.

On the pyramid for exercise. Uphill and downhill skiing can performed here, with a stop at the top platform. The pyramid also needs to navigated with wheels on the slope, and countersteering is essential to ensure the vehicle won’t slide off. The initial introduction takes about 20 minutes until you’ve gained a feel for the Segways. Then you can take the course. Many different methods are waiting for you.

Surfaces on the drivers’ side, cobblestones, gravel pathways, wooden planks, and concrete slabs are exposed like you’d discover them during an outdoor excursion. The labyrinth and the zigzag track require a bit of skill, while the bridge lets you go up and down hills, and the seesaw is very entertaining. The highlight is the sand-filled area that lets you push the tube around a bit to see the sand splashes, and dust is everywhere as if you were in the audience at

The Dakar Rally. It is easy to get familiar with the Dakar Rally, and then you can take the gas and occasionally lean into the curve.

It guaranteed sore muscles.

However, caution is require. If I am unsure of the slope and do not steer well enough as I had practiced on the pyramid before, and the vehicle tips over and I fall off, I instantly recall the instructions: Don’t only rise and contact the guide. Chris is the guide. Chris arrives and assists me “on the direction of the axis” once more. Mario Silbermann confirms that the most significant risk is overestimating yourself too rapidly. If you adhere to all rules and guidelines, using the Segway is a safe and enjoyable sport that anyone can learn quickly. It also provides a feeling of satisfaction to anxious individuals like me.

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