How can jewelry brands leverage experiential events in Dubai?

Experiential marketing can be an effective technique to tap new audiences and boost brand awareness. Sometimes called live marketing or event marketing, experiential marketing can benefit various brands by involving direct audience interaction. Talking about engagement and spreading news about your brand, nothing can be more helpful than this. The post-COVID world has seen a virtual touch in experiential marketing, and customers are equally satisfied with the technique. When it comes to jewelry brands, they can capitalize on this method to generate more sales. This post will reveal how jewelry brands can leverage experiential marketing and what needs to be done. Keep reading to learn more!

Experiential event for jewelry brands:

Event Track has reported that 91% of consumers feel positive about brands after attending an event. They also revealed that 85% of consumers are more likely to purchase a product after attending a live marketing event. With these statistics in mind, you can be sure that experiential marketing can be a perfect method for your jewelry brand. Here are a few methods you should remember while throwing the event to attain maximum results with this experience-driven show!

1. Set your budget:

The first step towards throwing an experiential event is setting apart a budget. Without a budget, you will never get too far; hence, this point should be kept on top of the list. Your first event might not produce overwhelming results, but you still need to go the extra mile to make it worth your money and time. Make the critical decision of how much you can afford for this marketing initiative to keep things in line.

While setting the budget, you better believe you will incur more expenses than venue and catering. As you go down the road, various things will demand your attention and money.

2. Craft event-drive goals:

After setting the budget, the next thing on the chart is creating the goals associated with the event. What is it that you want to achieve with this event? What would be the overall corporate goal of this event? Some jewelry brands want to expose their audiences to new products, while others seek brand awareness. Whatever the reason, your entire team must be clear enough about the bigger picture.

Setting the event goals would also require you to define your target audience. Who do you want to attract to your live marketing event? Once done, you can proceed! Does it sound too complicated? Don’t worry, as you can hire a professional experiential event agency in Dubai to streamline the entire planning and management process!

3. Organize and communicate:

Putting the event together will require you to coordinate all the logistics and catering services. It is the next step on the checklist and can test your managerial skills. An experiential event can be a complex task as this step contains multiple moving parts. One wrong move can ruin the entire experience, and your brand will never see the good days.

Executing the event might sound easy, but minor details will trouble you if not addressed. Why create unwanted problems by ignoring small details? Contacting various caterers, vendors, organizers, and photographers are a few steps you must take wisely to set the tone for the event!

4. Don’t forget event marketing:

Everything is perfectly designed and managed; now is the time to spread the word about the show. Poor marketing tactics mean no one will know about your show, and all your efforts are for nothing. The more you market the event, the more your target audience will attend it. Social media marketing can be the perfect route to go as it can tap new audiences!

The best time to promote your event is 3-4 months before the event date. You can turn your event into a grand show with aggressive marketing strategies, and it would be best to hire a professional experiential event agency Dubai to help you with event promotion!

5. Measure results:

Jewelry brands often struggle with data mining, and the experiential event could be a perfect tool for collecting first-hand data. If you can invite audiences to your brand and allow them to interact with your products, you can ask for their feedback. It will be the purest of data, and you should capitalize on it to further polish your products and brand.

After the event, you can measure the results to see whether you have achieved the desired results. Brand awareness, number of attendees, and social media mentions are a few KPIs to track that help you measure results.

Use experiences to attract new customers!

Experience-driven events are always great for boosting your sales and brand awareness. Nothing can beat good experiences – and you should capitalize on these techniques. Consider hiring professional experiential event agencies in your town if you have a mind for throwing an experience-driven event. Let these experts help your cause!

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