Google’s Cutting-Edge Assistive Tech in Android with Face Gesture-Powered Shortcuts is Here

Accessibility and mobile apps are good options that make them easy to use by everyone. Any kind of disability or shortcoming in understanding the app should not restrict a person to use an app to the optimum. There are some features in certain Android and iOS apps that make them extremely difficult to use. And when it comes to accessibility features, not many apps fill the gap. 

Uses of think support for their target audience in big cities like Toronto needs to be on their age. The technology is moving at a rapid pace and that’s why anything mediocre will not be accepted by the end-users. That is why apps with amazing accessibility features are now required. And businesses look to hire app developers that can do the trick for them. 

For the time being, Google has launched two new tools that are already making waves. Without wasting any further time, let us get straight to the point. 

A Game-Changer for the Disabled People 

The latest version of Android Google has come up with amazing pictures to which a person can dedicate just yes or no. Only means of interacting with the app and everything can be don’t just like a normal person. If you’re going to be a game-changer and any other apps right now expect to follow suit, make things easy for their customers. 

“Project Activate” and “Camera Switches” are two apps. These apps let users with any disability navigate through different sections of a smartphone or use the browser, just through facial gestures. So, what these new and exciting features are all about and how can a person with some disability access them? Read on as I discuss everything in detail.

Project Activate

You may think that saying “Hey Google” or using your fingers to navigate through a smartphone is easy. But for a person having a speech disability or issues in using their hands properly, this is not the case. Google has launched Project Activate to let such people use facial gestures to activate customized actions. For example, one gesture can be used for speaking a preset gesture, sending a text, etc. 

This effectively means that a complicated or expensive speech-generating device is no more required. This app would do the trick for anyone with disabilities. Many complicated multi-word messages can be saved as well as just a simple word like yes or no. Treat this as a new vista for everyone as disability will not be able to hinder anyone in searching for something ever again!

A Great Tool that the Disabled People Ever Need

People with disabilities have to rely on a person to make them use the smartphone. And that caretaker may not be available 24/7 making a person frustrated as he has to find more information about a medicine immediately. For scenarios like these, Project Activate is the perfect answer as they do not have to rely on anyone anymore. 

Furthermore, gestures can also be used to plan an audio file or a call to a person. More expressions and options will be added to this. And in a few months, after getting feedback from the users, the app may turn out to be the best thing for disabled people. Currently, in English, the future may include more support, just like Camera Switches, which has support for 80 languages already. 

So, what are Camera Switches and what are the benefits of using them? Please go through the subsequent paragraphs for more information. 

Camera Switches 

Camera Switches is also similar to Project Activate but different in some ways. It can turn your phone’s camera into a new type of switch so that it can detect facial gestures. Anyone can use his eyes for eyebrows to make a gesture and make a particular action done. Sounds too futuristic, isn’t it? But it is now a reality and has made disabled people jump with joy as it is something they were asking for a long time. 

Switch access for Android was launched in 2015. Camera switches can be termed as the new version of the switch access but a very advanced one. Now disabled people, whether by speech or hand/fingers can use a smartphone almost like a normal person. It is a new feature in switch access to detect facial movements and gestures to perform different actions. 

Camera Switches started rolling out during the week of September 20-26 within the Android Accessibility Suite. And will be fully available by the end of September 2021. 

The Features of Camera Switches 

The features of Camera Switches are not something out of this world so that disabled people will feel puzzled. You can look right, left, smile, and open your mouth, to scan and save changes on your phone. You can choose from different scanning methods and can move between items on your screen with ease. Assigning gestures to open notifications and jumping back to the home screen is also now easy. 

People with varying speech, stuttering, or motor impairments need customization options. And with Camera Switches, anything can be selected like how long to hold the gesture and how big it has to be detected. A test screen is available so that anyone can confirm what works best for them and only confirm after they are cent percent sure. 

Final Word

Businesses can also get more out of their app as now virtually everyone can use a smartphone to the fullest. And with the help of a mobile app development company in Toronto, a customized app can be developed to include more options. 

What do you think of the new features offered by Google in the form of project active and camera switches? Do you have used any of the features or are excited about it? Please share your thoughts or experience with other readers of this blog. 

If you have any questions or want to offer your valuable feedback here, you are welcome. Please use the comments section below in this regard.

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