Gon and Killua

Gon and Killua are unlikely to be best friends. Both characters were born with a lack of social skills. They did not have friends as children and had to rely on the estate guardian Canary to fulfill their duties. Canary was disciplined and avoided forming personal feelings towards her employers. When Killua met Gon during her Hunter Exam, she wanted to develop a friendly relationship with him. However, she did not know how to behave around friends, and was afraid of pushing him away.

Gon Freecss

The best friends of the series, Hunter x Hunter, are Gon Freecss and Killuan Zoldyck. They are very much alike, but also very different. While they are both capable of killing, they are also completely different, and have different strengths and weaknesses. But despite the differences, they complement each other’s fighting styles and personalities. So if you love fighting games, check out these two series!

Despite the differences in their histories, the characters are incredibly similar. While Killua understands the value of friendship, Gon’s desire to win at any cost is undoubtedly greater. Both characters have checkedered pasts as assassins, but they are both willing to put their lives on the line to win. This is a powerful contrast between the two main characters. Fans of the series will recognize this contrast in their favorite characters.

During the first season, Gon and Killua clash with the Phantom Troupe. After the battle, they head into Greed Island, where they are both searching for clues to find Ging and stopping man-eating Chimera Ants. They are escorted by Hunters Kurapika and Leorio. They escort the Kakin Royal Family, where they face the Zodiacs, Beyond Netero, and the Phantom Troupe. The journey begins with a ship ride. This is where the succession game begins between the princes.

When they are on the road searching for Gon’s father, the two become more entwined. Gon introduces Killua to Ging, but Killua blushes at the introduction and tells him to stop. When Gon and Killua meet again, Killua promises to protect him throughout the thirty days without Nen. Gon later goes on to convince Meleoron to join forces with Killua and kills Rammot, but Killua protests, and the pair end up on a date.

While Gon and Killua are very different, their personalities are very similar. Killua is Gon’s best friend. She has a calm personality, and his anger is a little more complicated, but she is more powerful than her brother and has more potential. While Gon and Killua are both powerful, they prefer shorter women. When they fight, they have an advantage over each other.

Killua Zoldyck

Silva realizes that Killua Zoldyck is vulnerable to gambling. The dynasty has always valued honor, so she wants to secure her lineage through a good partner. Gon is a potential heir, and killing him would tarnish the name of the family. However, Silva must find a solution to Gon’s problem. The solution to this problem is to train Gon as an assassin and make him look like a failure.

When Killua and Gon train together in the Heavens Arena, they realize that their training is similar and they become fast friends. Gon also notices Killua’s good qualities, and he asks him to visit his home. Gon agrees, and the two form a close bond. However, Gon is more interested in Killua than Gon.

While training, Silva and Zeno keep a close watch on the boys, but they are impressed by Gon’s resolve and determination. They soon learn that Silva and Zeno aren’t a threat to them. They also learn that Silva wants to unlock Gon’s Nen, a secret knowledge of the Zoldyck family that only the Zoldycks can access.

The two roommates are not always compatible, but they do eventually meet. Gon and Alluka are roommates in a New York apartment, and Killua has to keep her in town to run the family business. The pair bond over a shared love for the town and their family. Alluka is left wondering whether the two can go on together. Despite all the tensions between them, Killua is determined to do what’s right for her.

The characters aren’t the only ones with complex psyches. They are portrayed as nymphs, incubi, and fae. The duo also face challenges related to their pasts. Gon’s dark past causes Gon to be a threat to his reputation. Gon’s dark side is even more dangerous, as Gon has to deal with the incubi and nymphs as well as the humans.


Squala, gon, and killua meet at the end of the movie and clash with the Phantom Troupe. They then enter a video game called Greed Island where they search for clues to find Ging. They also face man-eating Chimera Ants. Meanwhile, Kurapika and Leorio, two high-ranking Hunters, escort the Kakin Royal Family on their expedition to the Dark Continent. Once there, they begin a deadly game of succession among the princes.

Kurapika, gon, and killua are all part of a hunting club. Kurapika is a former member of the Kurta clan, and possesses scarlet irises. The Phantom Troupe destroyed the Kurta clan four years prior to the series, and later sold their scarlet eyes on the black market. Kurapika is a part of the Blacklist Hunter Exam, hoping to become one herself.

Squala, gon, and killua swarm the Zoldyck family’s base to retrieve the ring. However, their attempts fail and they are eventually slain by the Chimera Ants. Eventually, the Queen Ant and the other members of the NGL are killed by the Chimera ant’s troops. As a result, the Queen Ant is left alone with the Queen Ant, and all three are outnumbered by the ants.

Marth is the only member of the Zoldyck family who hasn’t been killed yet. The other three members of the Zoldyck family are Squala, Ging, and Killua. In the series, these three are the emotional center of the series, and they play a major role in nearly every arc. Their friendship is tested at the end of the Chimera Ant arc.

Neon Nostrade

The first appearance of Neon Nostrade appears in the manga and anime series, Gon and Killua. She is the daughter of the Nostrade clan, and a soothsayer for the future. Her hairstyle is similar to that of psychic magicians. She is reckless and spoiled, and loves to collect artifacts made from human remains. Despite her irresponsibility, Neon does display compassion towards loved ones and sometimes moderates her requests.

In Gon and Killua, Neon’s father, Light Nostrade, accused him of bankruptcy for having an affair with the Leader of the Spiders. Neon’s fortune-telling business was stolen by Chrollo, and Light was furious. Neon’s family had no money, so Light was panicked and acted to murder Neon in revenge. Kurapika reassured him that he would take care of their financial issues.

While the Phantom Troupe is still wreaking havoc on Yorknew City, Neon Nostrade is recovering in the hospital. Light Nostrade begs Kurapika to stay in Neon’s room while he is being examined by a doctor. Bean then questions Kurapika about her stay in Neon’s room, and he gets permission to patrol the building.

Aside from her father, Neon’s mother, Kurapika, is also his wife. Kurapika is the head of the family and his father is also part of the mafia. He doesn’t like Neon and is not friendly with Kurapika, his coworkers, or Queen Oito. As such, Neon’s mother, Kurapika, does not show any positive feelings towards human flesh collectors.

As part of his duties on the Chimera Ants, Bizeff is also the Secretary of State. His position in the East Gorteau bureaucracy proves useful in his role as the Chimera Ants’ foreign policy advisor. He keeps tabs on international affairs and potential threats from outside the territory. The secret to his greatness lies in his ability to transform into any type of human.

Baise was one of the few bodyguards assigned to the Neon Nostrade. Together with Kurapika, he was in charge of protecting Neon’s bodyguards and the nen trace. He hid his identity by using Shizuku’s special Nen power, “Blinky.” Blinky is a giant vacuum cleaner with an array of powers.

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