Gan Cube Review

Whether you’re looking for a new toy or just something to add to your collection, the Gan Cube is a great option. It’s small, lightweight, and easy to carry around. It also comes with a range of tension settings so you can change it without using your hands.

Set dozens of world and continental records

Despite its high price tag, the Gan Rubik’s cube remains the cube of choice among professionals. This despite the fact that the competition is stiff as a stiff peacock. It’s a good thing the Chinese have some of the best engineers on the planet. GAN was also able to come up with a few cube-related patents of its own. The company was able to make the first magnetic Rubik’s cubes in the history of mankind. GAN is also the first to produce a cube with a multi-color surface. Besides, the company is the only cube manufacturer with an international patent portfolio. Hence, the company is a veritable monopoly in the cube industry. The company is also a founding member of the World Cube Association (WCA) which organizes the world’s largest speed cubing competition. GAN has also been credited with inventing the shortest possible route to solving the cube problem – a clever design whereby the cube is placed in a box that is only opened after the requisite number of turns have been made. GAN also produces some of the most sophisticated cubing wheels on the planet.

Elasticity levels

Generally speaking, the elasticity levels of Gan Cube are quite impressive. There are many cubes to choose from. They are available in various configurations and colors. These cubes are made of a lightweight plastic. There are also some models that are available in limited editions.

The GAN 356 XS is one of the company’s top-of-the-line models. It boasts the latest and greatest features, including a magnetic core positioning system, a dual-mola adjusting system and a number of other upgrades. It also comes with a protective storage bag and a number of additional magnets. It also weighs in at just 67 grams. It’s a great cube for anyone looking to experience the magic of cubing.

Using the Dual Adjustment System allows you to adjust your axes to four different levels. The system features two sets of seven nuts, coloured caps, and springs that have a compression of 0.8mm. This system is the brainchild of GAN cubers who wanted to create a cube that can be adjusted to suit different needs.

Options for changing tensions hands-free

Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned player, changing tensions hands-free with Gan Cube is easy. Most cubes use screws to adjust tensions, but Gans offer a unique tensioning system called the GAN Elasticity System (GES).

The system uses an interchangeable set of springs. Each nut has two distance slots, so you can adjust the spring tension on each side of the cube.

This tensioning system gives GAN cubes a smooth, stable rotation and makes it easy to adjust tensions. The GAN GES also reduces spring noise during turns. It can be adjusted to the desired elastic force and distance, making it possible to tune the cube to suit your preferences.

GAN cubes are available in three types: the 356 Air, the 356 M, and the Skewb. Each has its own unique features and tensioning system.

The Gans 356 Air is the first model to feature an interchangeable spring system, which makes it easier to change the tension on each side of the cube. This system also allows you to change the strength of the magnets in the corners.


Among the various speed cube brands in the market, GAN is considered as the most renowned. This cube brand is known for its innovative cube design and unique features. GAN cubes are also supported by some of the most famous speedcubers in the world. It is a good choice for professionals and experimenters.

GAN cubes are available in various sizes, styles, and features. They also offer premium customer services. GAN cubes come with interchangeable magnet rods and spring tensions that can be set by hand.

GAN also has the support of world champion Feliks Zemdegs. The GAN 356 RS is the updated version of the popular budget friendly 3×3. The new GAN weighs 72g, and includes a yellow GES nut installed. This cube is perfect for cubers who enjoy experimenting with the cube and are interested in trying the new technology. The GAN 356 RS also features a smooth GAN feel.

GANCUBE is the company that spreads the business from the manufacture, research & development, to the marketing. The company has several patents and has won prizes all over the world.

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