What are the Ways to Recover a Google Account?

There is nothing more irritating and troubling than losing access to your Google account and forgetting its password. There are a lot of features in your Google account and people use these features for different purposes.

Your Google account these days holds most of your digital life and that is why it can be very frustrating when you are not able to access your Google account. However, you do not need to worry as there are different methods that can be use by people when you want to recover their Google accounts. 

In the guide, we are going to explain different methods that can be use by people when they want to regain access to their Google accounts. 

Recover your Google Account

Google has given different options to people like g.co/verifyaccount to recover the Google account, however, this method cannot be use in every situation and that is why here are different methods that will help you in different situations. 

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When you forget your email address

There are situations when people do remember the password but, forget the email address of their account. In this case, people can use the ‘Find My email’ page of Google very easily. To start the process, you need to open the page on your device and then, use the given steps. 

  1. You need to type the mobile number or the recovery email address associated with your account. 
  2. After that, type your full name as entered when you were creating your account. 
  3. Google will now send you a verification code to the recovery email address or mobile number; that you need to type on the screen. 
  4. You will now see all the email accounts associated with the mobile number or recovery email address and you can choose the account that you wish to recover.
  5. Once you click on it, you need to enter the password of your account and this will give you access to your account. 

These are the steps that you need to follow when you want to recover your Google account after forgetting the email address rather than using the g.co/verify webpage. 

When you forget the password

Password is the most important thing for your account and it is very common when people forget the password of their accounts. And if you are also struggling with the same then, here is the procedure that will help you in getting your account back. 

  1. You need to open the Google Account recovery page on your device or use the website https/ g.co/verifyaccount.
  2. There, you need to type the email address of your Google account and tap the Next button. 
  3. Google will ask you to enter the last password of your account that you remember. 
  4. This will prompt Google to send a message to your registered device where you need to tap the Yes button to verify that it is you who is trying to recover the account. 
  5. You will need to wait for six hours before you can access your account however if you are not able to remember the last password then, you need to continue the process. 
  6. Choose the ‘Try Another way’ option on the password screen and you will get a link on your registered device to reset the password of your Google account. 

However, if this method is also not working for you then, you need to enter the registered mobile number where you will receive a verification code. You need to type the verification code on the website and then, you need to wait for the Password reset link. It can take up to 6 hours as Google takes this time to verify the mobile number and other details. 

This is the long process that you need to follow to receive the Google reset password link that will help you in resetting the password of your account. You can easily generate a new password that can be use to access the Google account. 

Hope you have understood all the details that we have shared here and you can use these methods for your benefit to recover your Google account and use all the other features provided by Google. To Know more about other technical troubleshoot, you can visit ityug247.com.

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