X Ways to Flaunt your Casual Attire

With lockdown easing up in most countries, you must be ready to come out of hibernation and dress up to your heart’s content. Unfortunately, months of lounging in comfortable pajamas have spoiled us, and embracing the pre-pandemic wardrobe might not be so easy.

The good news is that you can amp up your casual wear by incorporating a statement piece that draws all the attention and adds flair to your outfit. This way, you can relax in your no-fuss ensemble while continuing to exude panache.

Following are the must-have pieces to amp up the most casual of attires:

Carry a classy handbag

Handbags are not only highly functional but can channel style and panache as well. It also gives an insight into your personality, whether you like to carry everything with you or prefer to have the bare minimum at hand.

Regardless of your preferred storage capacity, always opt for a bag with a stylish design that demands attention. For a structured look, you can go for the quilted leather sling or the sophisticated satchel in muted tones. You can also introduce a pop of color with a bright mono-colored tote or an urbane crossbody bag.  

Strut in your most favorite heels

Heels make every outfit appear more elegant, even the most basic jeans and tee combo.  They also impart a certain poise to your frame, have the potential to elongate your legs and make you feel graceful and empowered. Whenever in doubt, grab your trusted strappy black heels that complement almost every look.

However, if you are not comfortable in sky-high heels, buy a pair of quilted square-toed mules in kitten heels, which are on-trend this summer and available in various colors. You can easily find one within your budget as everyone from luxury to high-street fashion brands is coming out with their own variation. 

Complete your look with a belt

Once regarded as a practical accessory, belts have quickly evolved into the perfect piece to round off an ensemble. You can use them to break the monotony of your outlook and provide some definition to your silhouette, whether you have a skinny frame or a curvier body.

Look for a black belt with a statement buckle as it incorporates seamlessly with any attire and is the hardest working piece in your wardrobe. You can pair it with a simple summer dress or a long loose tunic to cinch in your waist. It can also provide some flair to a casual look, such as the mid-length skirt and top, or the culottes and t-shirt.

Wear sunglasses that best suit your face cut

Sunglasses are another accessory that instantly raises your style quotient and emanates elegance. The oversized shades have long been synonymous with fashion-forwardness, while the smaller variety made quite a stir a couple of years back.

While you may feel inclined to follow the latest trends and may end up buying cheap sunglasses, consider splurging for a high-end pair of classic sunglasses that complements your face cut. These will serve you for years to come, will never go out of style, and help boost your confidence regardless of what you are wearing.    

Rock a sleek leather jacket

Versatile, timeless, and stylish are some of the few adjectives that aptly describe a leather jacket. They instantly induce an edge to every outfit and are a staple in every well-rounded closet. You can don them over your gym clothes, pair them with a sweatshirt, layer them over a comfortable dress; the styling options are endless.

Moreover, the evolution of the fashion industry entails more inclusivity. Thus, you can easily find a high-quality, plus-size leather jacket in most reputed stores. While black ones are fashionably enduring, you can also go for the distinctive tan or bold white jackets.     

Wear headbands to grab attention

Headbands emerged as the surprising go-to summer hair accessory and have been embraced whole-heartedly by fashionistas around the globe. They are simple in their styling but still manage to make quite a statement.

Wide headbands will pair perfectly with anything you throw on and will add a hint of urban chic to your final look. They are available in braided variety, covered in silk fabric, and adorned with pearls and all the styles look equally cute and trendy.    

Don a scarf to add layers, textures, and colors

Pull out your most vibrant scarf in a luxurious fabric for occasions when you want to up your simple look. You can tie a silk handkerchief-style scarf around your neck on summer days or wrap around one with a cozy woolen blend under your coat on chilly nights.

Make a lasting impression with a watch

A timeless wristwatch is not just a functional item but a status symbol. Therefore, invest in a classic watch because you do not need other accessories to elevate your outfit as long as you wear one.

You can choose the luxe metal bracelet timepiece in silver or gold or go for the modest black leather strap. While the bracelet makes the watch appear suaver, straps lean towards the casual end of the spectrum.

Dial size also depends on your personal preference and comfort level. Oversize dials have long been in fashion and make a bold statement. On the other hand, small dial sizes look more delicate.

You can wear a men’s watch if you have a penchant for it. It all comes down to what you expect from your watch regarding style, function, comfort, and longevity.

Accentuate your neck by layering chain necklaces

Chain necklaces have always been dainty and elegant, but the recent trend of layering these delicate neckpieces of varying lengths has provided them with a touch of edge. The key to stacking necklaces is to ensure that they all have similar styles, so they form a cohesive look and draw attention to your neckline.    

Final thoughts

You have unlimited styling options to revamp the most casual of attire depending on the day and occasion. Splurge on an elegant handbag, voguish sunglasses, or a classic watch, as they hold the ultimate status-quo in terms of accessories. You can also make a lasting impression with a cute headband, exquisite chain necklaces, or a pair of stylish heels. Finally, for a bold statement, rock a cool leather jacket or a versatile belt to wrap up your final look beautifully. 

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