List of the top ten Feng Shui items that make excellent gifts!!!

China has been attracting all sorts of good luck for thousands of years through the employment of symbols such as birds, animals, flowers and plants, and today the rest of the globe is making extensive use of this art form. It is now common knowledge in India that Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese technique of sculpting and capturing excellent luck via beautiful figurines, which originated in China. Following the Feng Shui Tips and balancing and correcting the chi (positive energy) in your home will help to encourage and revitalise energy, positivity, and flow. You can order gifts online and make your life blessed with these good luck charms.

Introducing the Top 10 Feng Shui objects, each with their importance, would make excellent gifts!!!

The Good Fortune Bamboo:

One of the most famous Feng Shui objects is the Lucky Bamboo plant, available in two, three, and four layers. It is a plant that is easy to care for and can thrive in any lighting. According to legend, Lucky Bamboo attracts favourable chi energy.


The Feng Shui Tortoise, also known as the Turtle, is another excellent gift that represents long life. Tortoises are fashioned of various materials, including resins, metals, glass, mud, crystals, and wood. There are several regulations to follow when it comes to putting a Feng Shui Tortoise in your business or house. One must follow them if one wishes to live a long and happy life filled with happiness and success.

The ‘Evil Eye’:

The Evil Eye is a traditional Feng Shui treatment or emblem intended to bring about good fortune and prosperity. It is also employed to neutralise negative and demonic energies, which hurt the home and its inhabitants. Give them an Evil Eye wall hanging or key ring to help them see the positive side of things.

The Frog with Three Legs:

Traditionally, the three-legged money frog is considered a superb guardian of family money and a protector of riches. If you want to give someone a lot of money, give them this treasure that will last a lifetime.

Buddha with a grin on his face:

The Laughing Buddha is also an excellent decorative piece in many companies and residences, mainly in Asian countries. This cheerful-looking sign of a laughing guy brings a lively attitude to any area, and it contributes to the creation of a vivid and auspicious Feng Shui environment.

Bells and chimes:

Chimes are usually hanging outside the house. However, Feng Shui Chimes can be used to cure a variety of ailments inside the home. If a family is experiencing cash difficulties, the exceptional half-moon-shaped Feng Shui Chime made of wood and metal and ornamented with metal coins is considered a good money cure.

Crystal Lotus:

Crystal Lotuses, according to Feng Shui, have a powerful aura that attracts lovers. They bring a great deal of good fortune to individuals who seek to indulge in certain romantic excesses. It is also established in the home to attract money luck.

Mandarin Ducks:

Mandarin Ducks are the most famous love symbol, and they are ideal for giving to someone on the lookout for love in their lives. In Feng Shui, they are considered to be a remedy for long-lasting love and good marriage. They must be put as a pair, and they should also be given as a present in a pair. Mandarin Ducks are not only great for wedding gifts, but they also form a spectacular decorative element.

A crystal for Feng Shui:

The Feng Shui Crystal is a well-known treatment for attracting money and success. It is thought to provide eight distinct types of blessings because of the eight sides on view. When it comes to money matters, it is claimed that these wonderfully gorgeous glass crystal spheres will bring about miraculous outcomes for you.

Dream Catcher:

The dream catcher, which is said to keep bad nightmares at bay, is available in a variety of sizes and also makes an excellent ornamental item above your bed.  You can buy gifts online and make your life blessed with these good luck charms.

Give these Feng Shui treatments to someone you care about and watch how their life changes for the better as a result. Here’s wishing you the best of luck, love, and wealth now and in the future.

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