How to Kickstart your Own Fantasy Sports Platform or App in 2022?

The fantasy sports market is at its peak. And so are the investors and entrepreneurs’ excitement. There’s no data to claim that this growth will see the ground level more than the sky. Having said that, some people are on their way to establishing a fruitful business out of it. So, are you the one too?

TheFantasy sports app development area requires the detailing of every prospect. So, if you are the one who’s going to break the wall and jump into this field in 2022. You must know the ins and outs of this field.

What is a Fantasy Sport?

Imagine playing your favorite sport virtually like real life. Sounds fun, right. This is what fantasy sports mobile apps make possible. Giving a cricket fantasy platform, football fantasy platform, etc. to users. A type of online game which allows sports lovers to participate with a virtual and imaginary set of teams of real players. The respective teams then compete as per the statistical data of the players in any actual game. Because of this innovative approach towards gaming which also rewards the players, there is a big hit to the success of fantasy sports apps across the globe.

Fantasy sports market and scope

As said earlier, this industry is a big hit and booming with revenues and shall continue to be. Hence, your decision of stepping into the same is right yet fruitful. As per the studies, 60 million players are in the US which will cross 1 billion (USD) by 2026. Another study states that the number of users is growing rapidly by 30-50% every year. And the list goes on. So no doubt the industry is all about profits for the entrepreneurs. Let’s see how one can make the most out of it in 2022.

We assume that if you’ve concluded a decision to shake hands with the fantasy sports app industry. You are well-versed with the objectives like –

Defined objectives

Launching a platform for sports lovers or generating a handsome ROI or a brand? What defines your goal in 2022 is important of all. How do you streamline your objectives plus where do you see it in 5 years is the way to jot down your expectations as well.

Detailed market research

No doubt, you need to research every bit of the fantasy sports app market with a detailed understanding of all the below factors-

  • Competitors

Who are your competitors? What makes them a competitor? How are they doing it? Analyze, staff, direct and control strategically to attract new users.

  • Target audience

Different geographical areas have different groups of audiences with different expectations. Now it’s in your kitty. Who do you want to cater to and how? What makes your fantasy sports app unique and what new you are offering them?

  • Latest trends

Trends are always an add-on. Which trend is ruling the hearts of users is something you have to find out!

  • Sports

Which sport is famous and loved widely? Yes, you have to identify. Be it cricket, basketball, football or hockey – any sport which can cater for your maximum number of users and revenue as well.

Trusted data provider

Accuracy and updates within seconds drive users. So to level up the credibility and value, a trusted data provider is all that you need for fantasy sports app development.

Reliable sports software provider

The provider’s role doesn’t end with the data. Next on the list comes the software provider. A crucial factor affecting your fantasy sports app business is your software. The fantasy sports app development company in your mind must have good resources, experts to level up your platform, a good support system, a clear maintenance policy and credibility to meet your expectations.

Features to be added

Once you are done shortlisting a fantasy app development company, you must guide them about your expectations when it comes to the app. What functions and features you would like to cover. We tried helping you with the prominent ones –

Panel features

  • Registration

The right start is to make sure your app is secure and has users’ confidentiality in mind. The registration process has to be an easy step where the users can also redirect through their social media platforms.

  • Join the contest

Impossible to ignore the feature! The utility of this feature is to provide the critical details around the contests within the fantasy sports app and the users as well.

  •  Games lobby

Right after logging in, the users will land on the game lobby. The lobby allows them to access different features and start playing.

  • Leaderboards

A live leaderboard with the current score update with the names of respective players is a must to help users with their updates, latest scores etc.

  • Secure payment

For seamless and uninterrupted transactions, secure and multiple options for making the payment is all that your user expects. So make it a priority.

Other than these, admin panel features which include admin login, management of reports, user account management, notifications management should also be taken care of.

Pre-Launch Marketing

Now once your fantasy sports app developer company has done justice with your expectations. Here comes the role of marketing. To draw attention to your fantasy sports app, a pre-launch campaign has to be placed to set the fire.

Post Launch Marketing

Now when your app is in the market and can be at everyone’s fingertips your post-launch marketing should also go hand-in-hand. Effective and result-oriented social media activities or digital marketing strategies can do wonders. Keeping in mind your targeted group of audience, build your online presence and see how it can help you to meet your desired objectives in 2022.

No doubt, if you need to enter the industry offantasy sports apps, you certainly need unique yet great ideas to hit the market. The loopholes and modifications in the fantasy sports app can be well taken care of and that’s the beauty of this business. You can choose Dream11 Clone App Development company to buy a readymade cricket app development solutions.

Once you are done ideating and developing your fantasy sports app, the third stage is all about the working phase. When your app is finally live for the user and all your efforts are going to be fruitful enough to contribute to your growth.

And once you know and make the most of your journey from stage 1 to stage 3, you are going to rock it.


All set to kick-start

Know-how to kick-start is all on your nerves now. Here comes the execution stage to work on your dream project so far. Ensure to onboard a team of expert professionals for the software provider stage as well as the marketing stage etc.

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