Facing Brother Printer Offline Issue- How can I Fix It?

The Brother printer is one of the most well-known models of printers found in offices. They are printers that have high capacities that are connected to various devices – desktop as well as mobile, to produce prints. There are a few significant issues discovered with Brother printers. Like all devices, problems can occur on a printer every once with time.

A typical issue with a printer is that they become offline. You may be using the printer for some time. Then suddenly, it stops connecting to the network. Then you discover the Brother printer is not working and need to figure out how to bring it back on.

Reasons for a Printer to go Offline.

There could be several reasons your device isn’t working, and you must be able to ask why my Brother printer is offline? It’s not essential to believe that it is an issue with the software or connection, and there is an excellent likelihood that it’s an issue with the hardware that could be resolved by making a few changes to the printer’s exterior.

Let’s examine some of the most common reasons why a Brother printer is offline:

  • The primary reason could be that the printer isn’t connected to a suitable power source.
  • It is an error with your printing system that has caused your printer to become stuck in mid-function
  • There are printer problems with the device, such as empty Toner Full, Paper Jam and Cartridge.
  • The printer isn’t assigned to be the primary printer; however, it is utilized to print
  • There’s an issue regarding this USB of the printer device
  • It’s an issue with your network, and your printer went offline because of a problem with the connectivity

Once you are determining why your printer is not working, it is essential to understand what you can do to fix the Brother printer offline issue. If you’re using Windows 10, there could be some differences in the procedure. This is why this article also explains ways to resolve offline printer issues with Windows 10.

Retrieving your Brother Printer back Online

Many successful ways to get your printer working again for Windows 10. Let’s look at what they are, step by step.

Verify the connection to the computer and the printer to your printer

The most fundamental step is verifying whether the printer is connected to the power source. Additionally, ensure that the USB connection works with the computer you’re printing from. If there’s a WiFi connection, it is essential to ensure that the link remains in place during the printing process.

Verify WiFi connectivity or other Network issues

Network issues could cause devices to become offline. Verify Wi-Fi connectivity, network establishment, and other connections to the printer. Check that all these are attached to your printer to enable it to work.

You can disable your “Use Printer Offline” mode

In the event of any issue on the network, there’s an opportunity that there are issues regarding the printing device. To disable this mode, navigate to Windows+I, guide into Devices, and Printers > go to the Printer option and click “Open Queue”> Ensure that you have the “Use Printer Offline” option turned off.

Run the Printer troubleshooter

If you’re trying to determine what is causing the issue for the printer to become down, Windows 10 has an effective Printer Troubleshooter tool that will automatically identify and fix the problem. To start this process, you need to use Windows+I. Go into Settings > Printers and Devices in the menu, select related settings and click on Let the troubleshooter complete its task.

Clean Printer Queue

Clearing the queue for printers is one of the primary reasons why a printer goes down or is not working because it has several failed printing tasks waiting to be completed. If you go to the print queue and see more than one printing queue in this area, eliminate each one. After you have applied for the new print, you can be sure to happen that your printer is going to be back online.

Restart Printer spooler

Print Spooler service is a function that manages the interaction between the printer and the system. Restarting this service can indicate that a method of communication is restored for the server. Click on “Start”> Services > open”Spooler “Spooler” app > Find the name of your printer . Select “Restart”

Update all printer drivers

If you’re sure, there’s nothing hardware-related in your printer, head to the settings for drivers of the printer and then update the printer driver in all of them. In Windows 10, press Windows Key+X or Windows Key+X to go to Driver Manager > Double-clicks on the category Printer. Click on the option for the printer driver and choose “Update Driver.” After the update process has been completed, You can check the printout of a sample printout.

Restart the system and the device

If there is no response after all attempts to fix the printer, you should use the traditional method to restore the machine. Restart the printer as well as the computer it’s connected to. There is a chance that there is a temporary issue on either of the systems that a reboot will be able to resolve any problems and make them functional once more.

If you’re thinking, “How do I get my Brother printer back online on Windows 10?” You can follow these steps to reconnect your device to get it back to work.

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The customers of Brother Printer keep witnessing technical issues, and they post questions like how can I fix your Brother Printer back online Windows 10? You must follow and implement some essential guidelines to resolve the case. Follow each step at a time, and you’ll be able to resolve the issue without much effort.

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