eClinical EMR vs Kareo EMR

eclinical EMR vs Kareo EMR

Why Finding the Right EHR Software is Important?

Finding the right EHR software for your medical practice is incredibly important. These days most state laws mandate the use of an EHR software. While it is important to employ an EHR in your practice it is even more important to find the right EHR for yourself. In this piece, we will tell you about two of some of the most popular EHR software in the world; eClinical EMR and Kareo EHR. 

If you want to know whether one of these popular EHR software is the right call for you then perhaps we can help you get an idea! Keep reading to learn more about both of these software so you can decide whether or not they are the right fit for you and your needs!

eClinical EMR


One of the features in eClinical EMR we want to tell you about is the integration feature which makes this software even more easy to use than before! The integration feature allows you to integrate other software you might employ in your practice into eClinical EMR so that you can use all your medical software in tandem. If you have a practice management or a billing software in your practice then they can be integrated easily into eClinical EMR so that you can use all the software at once and do not have to painstakingly update all of the software one by one manually. This saves you a lot of time and is much more convenient! 

Patient portal

Another feature in eClinical EMR which a lot of users seem to appreciate is the patient portal feature. This feature enables you to relax and shrug off some of your administrative responsibilities on your patients. These include scheduling appointments, looking at billing and much more. Your patients can log on to their own portal and do these things themselves without needing any assistance or help from you. This helps you save a lot of time and reduces the number of tasks you might have had to do daily otherwise! 

Customer Support

Another thing which we have to mention about eClinical EMR is the wonderful customer support service the software provides users with which makes it such a hit. A lot of eClinical EMR reviews talk about how the company invests a lot of time in their customer care department and are there for customers even after the software has paid for and installed unlike some competing companies! 

Kareo EHR

Centralized dashboard

After eClinical EMR we want to tell you about Kareo EHR. This software also has a lot of wonderful feature ones of which is the centralized dashboard feature. With this feature you are able to centralize all the apps and features you use so that they are easily accessible. Because the dashboard feature is so easy to use, you are also able to reduce the learning curve associated with using an EMR as well. 

Functions on All 

Another great thing about Kareo EHR is that the software is device agnostic and hence works on any kind of operating system. The software has mobile apps which can be used on both android devices or iOS devices as well. The computer software works on all systems too; windows, linux, MAC and more. This software is incredibly easy to use and can be used anywhere in the world on any kind of system! 

Which Software Should you Invest in

If you are confused about which of these two software you should invest in then perhaps we can help you come to a decision. While we cannot directly recommend a software to you we can help you come to your own conclusion. 

We advise reading up on as many reviews for either eClinical EMR or Kareo EHR to see what current users of the software think of it. Or perhaps looking at the features available in the softwares to see which software would suit your needs better. 

One thing we absolutely stress you do is asking the vendor for an oncohiv since this will help you see whether or not the software is suitable for your needs. Seeing a software operate firsthand gives you a much better idea about it than merely reading up about its features. 

Hopefully whichever software you employ in your practice will be the right choice for you! 

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