Dresses Every Short Woman Should Try

Your dresses can turn out to be your best friend. Yes, even if you feel that you are too short and hence, dresses are not going to look charming or classy on you then relax. You have no idea how the right type of outfits would be perfect for your personality. After all, every lady has the right to look sassy, charming and gorgeous!

In this post, you are going to get an idea about some of the dresses that are going to be ideal for you. Once you embrace them, you are no longer be conscious about your short height. It is time that you wear smart to look smart. Here are some dress types that you should own if you have a short height.

Flayer Dresses

Fit and flare dresses are really some of the best dresses for petite females.  In case you are under 5’4, the perfect length is 3-4 inches above the level of your knees. The point is the silhouette is generally flattering because it is absolutely form fitting in your upper body (precisely what short women need) but it is even more forgiving for your lower body.  They do not really hug the curve of the bottom area. Hence, they will draw the attention away of people from your butt and thighs.  If you do not want people to concentrate on your lower body; go for these outfits. They would make you look lovely and less conscious.

Belted dresses

Talking about the perfect petite dresses, you should consider dresses with a belt, and they are high on list.  The point is a single belt can completely alter the perceived ratio of your overall body. The reason CHICWISH reviews call it a kind of perceived ratio is that everyone has natural leg and torso ratio, but you can change that through what you actually choose to wear.   

Have you ever really heard of Rule of Thirds and that of the Golden Mean ratio?  The point is your body ratio looks the finest when it is forked by the thirds instead of that of halves or quarters.  It is a universal law applicable to all height, and it is even especially critical to you short women.  You can completely totally use such a powerful rule to improve your body proportion and elongate your legs. 

Empire-Waist dresses

Now, you should go for the empire-waist outfits. These are the ones in which the waistline is quite high, and sometimes it is even placed just below your bust line.  Because it raises your waistline to above your natural waist, it powerfully creates the illusion of shorter torso and even longer legs.   Such a high waistline followed by your skirt of the dress will create an ideal illusion of length and will assist to disguise your midsection or bottom in case that is your concern (if you are a female woman with apple or pear shape).


To sum up, since you have a quick idea about the types of dresses you should definitely own being a short woman; go for them. You are definitely going to love them once you try such dresses out.

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