Don C. Spirit, Kills His Daughter, Six Grandchildren, and Himself in the Florida

Don C. Spirit killed his daughter, six grandchildren, and himself in the Florida wilderness. This man had a long criminal record, was deeply in debt, and was already on probation for a 2013 grand theft charge. He also called 911 to report that he would suffer a significant harm. As a result, he was immediately identified as a suspect in the murders. Although he had not revealed his net worth, he was believed to have known that he was about to die.

Don C. Spirit killed his daughter, six grandchildren and himself

Don C. Spirit, 51, of Bell, Florida, has been identified as the man who killed his daughter and six grandchildren in a gun attack on July 14. Spirit, a convicted felon, had recently shot his 8-year-old son during a hunting accident. He then called 911 and said he was going to harm himself. When deputies arrived on the scene, he reportedly committed suicide. Police say the victims were found all over his property, including an infant.

The investigation into the murders began after DCF received reports of drug use near the children. A probation officer administered a drug test to Sarah Spirit, who failed the test. The Spirits were thrown into a home with a history of abuse and neglect. Even though the home was an active crime scene for the rest of the week, a small group of mourners left flowers and stuffed animals at the mailbox of the Spirit’s home.

According to authorities, Spirit was convicted of two previous drug offenses in South Jersey. He later pleaded guilty to weapons offense in Camden County and a firearms charge in Atlantic County. He had lived in Florida since 1995. A family member declined to comment on the case. Police say Spirit served a three-year sentence for a weapons offense after the shooting of 8-year-old Kyle in 2011. The investigation into the shooting was ongoing, but it’s unclear how many people were killed.

Investigators say the Florida Department of Children and Families failed to prevent the killings and are improving training for staff. But despite the recent revelations, the Florida Department of Children and Families concluded that Don C. Spirit could not have foreseen his deadly rampage. The investigation revealed that the Spirit family had been involved in 18 child-protective investigations, with six of them involving Don Spirit. Investigators found evidence that Spirit had physically abused Sarah Spirit when she was pregnant. Then, in 1987, he committed a prohibited weapons crime in Atlantic County. This was the first time he killed his family, but it was not the last.

He had a long criminal record

Don Spirit’s wife Christine had called police because she was scared of her violent husband. She had been pregnant for eight months when she contacted police about her husband’s behavior. In the police report, she wrote that her father had threatened to make her life “hell” if she called the police. Then, she didn’t follow up on the restraining order she requested. She was later sentenced to six months in jail on a battery charge.

In addition to the murder of his wife, Spirit’s previous criminal record included 13 arrests. His most recent arrest, for a drug-related offence, happened just a couple of months before Spirit killed his daughter and herself. However, Spirit’s family was already living in extreme poverty. In the years leading up to the shooting spree, Spirit and his wife were undergoing drug addiction and domestic violence problems.

Despite the long criminal record, Spirit is now an unlikely candidate for the Oscars. His long history of offenses included several minor misdemeanors. His first offense was driving without a license in Hillsborough County in 2001. Spirit was also found guilty of felony possession of a firearm in Hillsborough County in 1995. This incident is considered to be a red flag in his life. Don Spirit’s family is devastated and will do everything in their power to bring his family back together.

A neighbor of Mr. Spirit told the police that his wife was beautiful and smart. He gave him a ride home to his home, but he didn’t say a word and didn’t thank him. Police wouldn’t reveal the details of the crime, but said that he was never in a hurry to make a decision. Don Spirit had a lengthy criminal history and could not legally own a firearm.

He was in debt

Three years ago, Don Spirit took his daughter to court because he claimed she was collecting support for his son Johnathon, who was living with his father. The judge ordered Sarah Spirit to pay $6,578 in back payments, despite the fact that she was only supposed to be paying $100 per month. This led to accusations that Don Spirit hated his grandchildren and was abusing them. The Gainesville Sun reported that he was yelling at his children in public and abusing them. The police, however, said they had no idea why he was abusing his children.

A police investigation found that Don Spirit had a history of crime in Tampa, including a felony fugitive warrant issued in 1990. He was also accused of misdemeanor battery, drug charges, and depriving a child of food and shelter. Although there was no clear motive for the murders, the Tampa Bay Times reported that Don Spirit was a former felon. He had been detained by deputies several times for various reasons, including debt.

He was on probation for a 2013 grand theft arrest

Lt. Jeff Manning, the sheriff’s spokesman, held back tears as he talked about the incident. A press conference followed the arrest, where police cordoned off the dirt road leading to Spirit’s home in Bell, a town of 350 people. Spirit was on probation for a 2013 grand theft arrest, and was on parole since February 2006 for a gun charge. He shot his son Kyle in a hunting accident, killing him in the process.

When he shot himself, he was speaking to a deputy outside the home. He had previously been charged with resisting arrest in 2006, and had a history of burglary, grand theft, and weapons charges. While on probation, Spirit smoked synthetic marijuana in front of the children and was on a probation modification for dealing in stolen property. When he was arrested, he had a previous conviction for resisting arrest and had previously been sentenced to three years in prison for dealing in stolen property.

While the three murders were the result of a murderous spree, Don Spirit was not legally allowed to have the guns. He was on probation for a 2013 grand theft arrest, and Sarah Lorraine Spirit, his wife, was on parole. He had a criminal history, which included a 1990 felony fugitive warrant, multiple misdemeanor drug charges, and depriving a child of food.

The shooting happened after the family was called to report a case of self-harm by the deceased father. Spirit called 911 and asked for a deputy to investigate the incident. A deputy arrived and shot him dead. The deputy questioned the other family members. Afterward, his daughter found the bodies of her six children. The police said that Spirit was on probation for a 2013 grand theft arrest. In addition to killing his own family members, the deceased grandfather killed his daughter and six of her grandchildren.

He had a strange quality

Collene Stewart, the great aunt of three of the kids, heard Don Spirit tell Sarah that she hated her kids on the phone. Spirit apologized to Stewart and said he was just stressed out that Sarah was unemployed. His 9-1-1 call is now making its way around TikTok. Collene Stewart, who also has a son, is trying to convince the court to reduce his sentence. In the meantime, the family is trying to figure out what caused Spirit to be so violent.

The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has offered a possible motive for the death of Don Spirit, who killed six grandchildren and himself in Bell, Fla., in 2014. The Florida Department of Law Enforcement has said the homicide was motivated by the loss of a child and death threats from a previous relationship. Spirit’s daughter Sarah was one of the children he killed. While serving his time in prison, he had a reputation as a dangerous and violent person. But his actions prompted the public to take action.

In Tampa, Don Spirit had a long criminal history. In 1990, he was arrested on a felony fugitive warrant. He had also been arrested for misdemeanor battery and drug charges, as well as depriving a child of food and shelter. While there was no clear motive for the killings, the sheriff said deputies had been called to Spirit’s home for a variety of reasons.

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