Do I need translation services for my business?

Any business that wants to prosper globally needs to establish a rapport with its clients and effectively convey its message. As their audience is a global audience, this comprises people who are present around different cultures and speak different languages. 

This is where the business world comes to realize the value of translation services. As a business owner, you’d not like to miss the huge potential that the international market has to offer. But as you look to attract international customers in your efforts to boost company revenue, you will need content that your customers can understand and relate to. Why? Because many surveys show that 40% of people are those who never consider buying from a brand that does not provide services in their native language. 

Therefore, to launch your business in Spain, you would need to translate your website or service into Spanish. Similarly, if you’re looking to get a foothold in France, investing in French translation services is what you will require. After all, you want your French business pitch to not miss the mark. And the same goes for any other country or region you may want to expand your business operations to.

Here are the top 5 reasons that will further clear the air about why translation services are beneficial for your business to compete in today’s globalized marketplace.

i) Effective customer communication

Every global business relies heavily on how they communicate with its current and potential new customers. And whether or not a customer purchases from a company depends on how clearly the company delivers the message to them.

While a global business could be communicating with people who share the same language, things get complex when they don’t understand their original language. Thus, the importance of translation becomes evident in how one wants to translate their original content into the language that customers speak. Thus, by seeking translation companies, you’ll make sure that your brand voice is clear to your target audience. To the extent that your customers can actually resonate with it. As a result, your business will enjoy improved and effective communication with your global customers.

ii) It boosts your brand image

The best approach to maximize your market reach is to go borderless. But it has been observed that most customers won’t deal with a brand whose information is not available in their language. 

Let’s say you want to tap into Portuguese-speaking nations such as Brazil. So unless you acquire Portuguese translation services, you can’t turn your customers into loyal customers and stick to your brand. 

But with professional Portuguese translation services, you get your product descriptions and all the content written in their native language. So, they will feel comfortable with your offerings. 

And the moment your content resonates with the customers, it will drive action. They will start buying from your company which becomes the basis for your increased brand value. Thus, by having content that’s language-friendly and fits the needs of the markets you operate in, you’re sure to boost your brand image. 

iii) There are no misunderstandings

This is one of the most important reasons for showing the significance of translation in the business world. There are numerous instances in the past where a company attempted to interact with clients from abroad and ultimately sent an inaccurate or misleading message.

A message misunderstood can cause your business loss. For instance, you have to translate “bab mushroom beef rolls” into French. If the translator does not know how to associate the word “baby” in French, they will come up with something like Rouleaux de boeuf aux bébés (Beef and baby rolls). This has distorted the meaning altogether because now it considers the food in question to be an actual baby. But had you left this task in the hands of professional French translation services, they might have translated this into Petits rouleaux au boeuf (Little beef rolls). Do you notice the difference? In English, the word baby is also used to describe a small portion size. But, in French, it’s never used this way with food items.

Such misunderstandings can have a negative impact on your brand. Fortunately, professional translation services make it simple to correctly translate your documents while avoiding such issues.

iv) No business repercussions

Every global business has some type of legal documents or foreign policy documents that should be available in multiple languages for their audience. These documents should be clear and understandable because they often contain important details related to compliance and accountability procedures. For this reason, there is little to no room for inaccurate translations, otherwise, your business could run into unanticipated consequences. 

When you work with a professional translation agency, they understand the sensitivity of these documents. To ensure that nothing is overlooked or misunderstood, they translate each piece of information with the utmost care and caution.

Concluding remarks

It’s impossible to emphasize the significance of translation services in the business world. If you look to expand your business across nations, you must know and identify ways you can use translation to effectively engage your customers. The customers won’t feel confident purchasing from you unless they understand your messaging. Only that way, you can expect to excel in foreign markets.

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