CTV News Ottawa

CTV news Ottawa is a specialty English-language television station that broadcasts locally and internationally. It is a part of the CTV Television Network and is owned by Bell Media. It is affiliated with CHRO-TV, another local station. In addition to providing news and sports, CTV also offers entertainment, music, and sports highlights.


CP24 TV news Ottawa is a local broadcaster that can be found on many cable systems. However, it is not available on analogue cable systems outside of Ontario. You can also access CP24 via direct broadcast satellite in some markets. CP24 is carried on Bell Satellite TV in Canada, Shaw Direct, and other providers in the “News” package. The broadcaster is popular in the Ottawa area and the Southern Ontario area.

The CP24 TV news Ottawa network was launched in 1998. At the time, the station was owned by CHUM Limited and Sun Media, and was a logical extension of the CITY-TV newscasts. The station was originally known as CityPulse, and CHUM Limited acquired the Sun Media and Craig Media shares in it in 2004. The company later sold its interest to Bell Globemedia, who acquired CP24 in 2006.

CP24 TV news Ottawa features local stories. Its local content covers a wide range of topics, including the ongoing protests by truck drivers. The program has a variety of personalities that are relevant to Ottawa. The host Julie Boal has interviewed many notable people, including Senators captain Daniel Alfredsson. Her work on the network reflects the diversity of the city.

CP24 is a specialty English-language television channel

In a complaint to the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council, a Toronto television station was found to have breached its broadcasting code of ethics after interviewing former heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson. The interview featured Tyson using extremely coarse language. Despite the fact that the interview was cut short after Tyson’s first use of vulgar language, the station failed to comply with the broadcast code’s requirement for viewers to be advised about the use of language. The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council said the program breached the broadcasting code of ethics, which prohibits broadcasters from using coarse language on their air during daytime programming. Despite the complaints, CP24’s editors concluded there was no legal requirement to provide a viewer advisory.

The network is distributed across the country through cable ch. 24 and is free for Bell TV customers. In addition, CP24 provides live streaming of major news events on its website. Its anchor Gord Martineau has recently retired from CP24 but continues to anchor CityNews International. The channel also has plans to launch localized versions in other markets.

CP24 is owned by Bell Media

CP24 is a specialty television news station broadcasting in English from Toronto, Ontario. It is owned by Bell Media, a division of BCE Inc. The station is headquartered at 299 Queen Street West in downtown Toronto. CP24 has a reputation for being breathlessly over-the-top, and has earned several nicknames. Its news alerts have even been dubbed “City Panic 24.” This over-the-top style may have been inspired by its coverage of the G20 riots in Toronto in 2010. It was the first time major international events had been covered with such a breathless fanfare. This style of news alerts and promos has become a staple of the CP24 newsroom.

CP24 is carried on cable channel 24 in Toronto. However, it is not available on analogue cable systems outside of Ontario. It is also available on direct broadcast satellite in certain markets. It is part of the Bell TV family of services. The channel is especially popular in the Greater Toronto Area and Southern Ontario.

CP24 is affiliated with CHRO-TV

CP24 is a digital television channel affiliated with CHRO-TV in Ottawa. The channel is owned by Baton Broadcasting, which acquired the MCTV stations in 1990. Previously, CHRO broadcast in Pembroke, but was unable to compete on its own. The rebranding was a necessity for CHRO’s survival, since Pembroke is too small a market to sustain a separate station. The station was disaffiliated from the CBC and became a CTV affiliate in Ottawa.

CP24 is a specialty news channel that broadcasts in English. It is owned by Bell Media, a division of BCE Inc., and operates in tandem with several CTV Television Network stations, including CFTO-DT (CTV Toronto) and CKVR-DT (CTV 2 Barrie). CP24’s broadcasting facility is located at 299 Queen Street West in Downtown Toronto.

CP24 began broadcasting on March 30, 1998. It was initially owned by Sun Media and CHUM Limited. It was originally named CityPulse and an extension of the CITY-TV newscasts. The station’s ownership changed several times over the years as CHUM acquired Sun Media in 2004 and Craig Media in 2006. CP24 was acquired by Bell Globemedia in 2006, and CHUM’s ownership was transferred to Bell Globemedia. In the fall of 2008, CHUM’s parent company decided to sell the Citytv stations.

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