Common Reformer Pilates Exercise

One of the biggest problems with the pandemic has been that it prevented people from going outside and enjoying their gym workouts. However, exercising within your home is a safer choice too at this time. As a result, many people have proactively started exercising more at home. As we all know, women love Pilates as a type of exercise. Because the gyms are close, the vast majority of people do not have access to the Pilates reformer equipment. However, it is even possible to practice reformer Pilates in the house.

Is your back getting bend, and you are facing problems like body pain and back pain again and again. It’s not a new problem in today’s world. You can prevent such issue by altering your lifestyle. For example, you need to work on your desk more than eight hours every day and you can suffer from muscle stress for the same. It would be best if you do some workouts daily to prevent these issues and you should try reformer pilates. The various options in Pilates you can get are- 

  • Using strings 

This is a pretty good exercise that can help you if you’re worrie about working your back. All you have to do is hover about an inch off the ground while lying on your stomach with your arms outstretched. After then, slowly raise your head and chest while drawing your arms back toward your hips. Next, drop your chest while spreading your arms widely to the side. Try performing it eight to ten times. This is a straightforward reformer Pilates workout that anyone may perform at home. 

  • Stretching on a Mat 

The importance of long stretches is something that hasn’t emphasize enough. It’s crucial to perform the right stretches if you want a physique that is both flexible and toned. In that case, this practice will be quite helpful for you. A forward stretch with your spine on the mat is a quick variation of the long stretch. Simply sit on the mat with your bottom down. Legs spread out to the same degree as shoulders. Continue to draw your navel toward your spine while extending your arms in front of you. To keep your spine straight, it’s crucial to keep your shoulders back. Reach forward, curve your spine forward, and place your head on your outstretched arm without moving your legs. Perform this ten times. Exhale as you move forward toward the extension of the spine and inhale when you get back to the center. Therefore, this type of reformer Pilates exercise can offer you a lot of relief. 

  • Pulling your leg down 

The leg pull-down exercise is more difficult. This calls for a lot of core strength and enables you to move your full body weight into a different posture. Therefore, if you want to work on your core, this exercise is for you. To begin, simply assume a high plank position with your hands behind your shoulders and only shoulder-width apart. The next step is to elevate one leg and shift your weight rearward. Hold this posture for 30 seconds, then switch to the other leg. This not only improves your core strength but also fortifies and defines your glutes. Therefore, it is not only a great reformer Pilates exercise but is also great for toning your entire body. 

  • Side overs 

Side overs are an essential part of developing a strong core, and they are use to work the obliques. Additionally, the frontal plane of the body, which isn’t often exercise as much, is challenge. Start by placing all of the springs on the short box on top of the reformer and sitting sideways on it to stabilize the carriage. With the opposite leg bent and lying on the box, the foot that is closest to the football is in the strap with an extended knee, flexed ankle, and leg and hip elevated in parallel to the ground while maintaining tension in the strap. From to toe, a single long diagonal line is formed the hands claspe behind the head. The bent leg on the other side is lying on the box. From head to toe, a single long diagonal line is forme the hands claspe behind the head. Laterally flex the spine at that point, lowering the torso to the ground before diagonally returning to the starting posture. This is another great reformer Pilates exercise for toning your body and getting the waist of your dreams.


Hence, these are just some common reformer Pilates exercises that one can practice for getting their body into shape. Moreover, Pilates helps not in one but in more ways than we can say.

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