Is Clinicient EMR right for Mental Health Practitioners? (Updated 2021)

About Clinicient EMR

Clinicient EMR is an Intelligent EMR Solution for Therapists. Clinicient EMR began with a single concept. One therapist was dissatisfied with handling his practice on paper because he couldn’t find EMR software that was developed specifically for therapists.

To make an idea a reality, he teamed up with a biomedical engineer who created recovery billing software and facilities, technology veterans with a software background.

Clinicient EMR was launched some years ago and Clinicient’s goal is to better the lives of 20 million people by 2025. This is their greater intent, and it is what motivates them to assist therapists and clinics in achieving success in all facets of their operations.

Why do you need EMR Software for Mental Health?

If you run a Mental health clinic, you might be wondering why you need EMR software when you only deal with Mental health cases rather than medical cases. EMR activities, on the other hand, are no longer limited to conventional medical practices; they can also assist in a wide range of human health-related areas, including Mental health.

You can save time and money by using a mental health EHR. Billing procedures, for example, that used to take hours on paper can now be completed in minutes with only a few mouse clicks. The calendar appointment is linked to the provider’s notice, which is linked to the billing process, and so on because your mental health EHR can connect every aspect of your practice.

Top Clinicient EMR Features

  1. Interoperability

This is probably one of the most loved Clinicient EMR feature. You can access data and statistics from other users on the network with Clinicient EMR, which is a very useful function because it gives you a clearer understanding of certain diseases, lets you make quicker diagnoses, and helps you come up with accurate treatment plans. When you have more data at your disposal, you will gain a greater understanding of what is going on.

  1. Telehealth

These days, having a telehealth function in your software is essential, particularly with the Covid-19 pandemic sweeping the globe and making mobility a major problem. Instead of having to completely cancel your appointment, you can conveniently make appointments online and see your clients remotely with a telehealth feature.

  1. Customizable Templates

Whatever software you pick should provide you with a large number of template choices so you can always find the correct one. This feature is included in Clinicient EMR, and you can also customize the prototype to your liking. This allows you to enter client details into it quicker, allowing you to complete tasks at a much faster rate, which is basically why you’re here.

  1. Billing tools

Another aspect that can persuade you that Clinicient EMR is the way to go with your mental health practice is the software’s ease of use when it comes to billing. In today’s world, any software that will assist you in managing your company must have a billing feature. This is why some mental health EHR vendors are now using billing features in their software.

  1. Patient Portal

Your patients will have access to a portal with Clinicient EMR, allowing them to complete a variety of tasks relevant to their treatment with you. They’ll be able to communicate with you securely via a messaging network, from arranging appointments to communicating with you.

You will concentrate on recovery rather than administrative tasks like arranging appointments and sending out appointment reminders with Clinicient EMR. Your patients will make their own appointments, and the software will give them automated reminders which is extremely convenient for both the doctors and the patients. 

If you want to test these features out, make sure to book a Clinicient EMR demo on Software Finder

Final Thoughts!

If you’re wondering if we suggest Clinicient EMR for your medical practice, we can’t make that decision for you, but we can assist you in making your own decision. Making a list of all the features you’d like in an EMR software and then testing to see if they’re available in Clinicient EMR is a good idea. Another suggestion we have is to read as many Clinicient EMR reviews as possible online to get a sense of what existing users of the software have to say about it.

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