Choose the best Quality 4×4 tyre for your Comfort

What is a 4×4 tyre?

A 4×4 tyre is a tyre designed for use on a 4×4 or SUV that has a high level of grip on all terrains. They are designed to give improved traction and grip in all weathers, with a particular emphasis on snow, mud, sand and gravel. 4×4 tyres are specialist tyre and should only be used on 4×4 and SUV vehicles. These tyres are the largest and most expensive tyres fitted to the 4×4, and are designed to give increased grip and traction in all weathers. They are a specialist tyre and should only be fitted to vehicles that have been designed to accept them. SUV and 4×4 tyres are designed to the same standards and have the same tread patterns.

What is the difference between on- & off-road tyres?

Off-Road Tyres – These tyres are designed to give you a better grip off-road and are usually best suited to a 4×4 or off-road vehicle. This type will have deep treads with a strong sidewall. They are designed to withstand rough terrain and will often be used at slower speeds.

On-Road Tyres – These tyres are designed to give your vehicle better traction on the road. They are usually made of softer rubber and will have a smoother tread pattern. The tread is designed for more grip on the road and for higher speeds.

What is the difference between summer and winter tyres?

The most important thing to consider is the temperature in which you will be driving your car. Summer tyres are designed for warmer temperatures and can perform poorly in low temperatures. Winter tyres, however, are made for colder temperatures and therefore perform better. The key to being safe on the road is having the right tyres for the right temperature.

As the temperatures drop and the days become shorter, the roads become slippery and dangerous. Winter tyres are designed to combat this. They have a wider tread than normal tyres and they have a softer rubber compound that grips the road better.

They also have deeper grooves in them that can leave a film of water on the road to help keep it wet and reduce the chance of skids. Winter tyres also have a softer rubber compound which means they will leave less marks on your car when they are removed.

Why do I need 4×4 wheels?

All cars need a set of tyres and wheels, but not all cars are 4x4s. If you have a 4×4 then you’ll know how important it is to have the right wheels and tyres. Each wheel and tyre will have different features, with different jobs depending on your vehicle and off-road use.

For example, if you have a Nissan Navara, Ford Ranger or Land Rover Discovery, you’ll need a tougher wheel that can withstand the climatic conditions of being off-road. Off-road tyres will also be a lot tougher than those for on-road use. 4×4 wheels and tyres are the perfect solutions for your 4×4 if you take it off-road. When you’re negotiating tricky, muddy terrain, you need a 4×4 wheel that can keep you on the road.


Don’t let tyres be the weak link in your 4×4. Protect your investment, always choose the correct 4×4 tyre for your vehicle, and remember 4×4 tyres come in summer and winter varieties.

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