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Who is Dora’s Boyfriend

There are many rumours about who is Dora's boyfriend, but what are the facts? Is there a real man or just a fictional character? The answer to that question lies in the characterization of both Diego Marquez and Dora. Diego is Dora's

Pacman 30th Anniversary

The Pac-Man 30th anniversary is fast approaching and this year's game is no exception. This Re-imagining of the classic arcade game is full of fun facts about the game, its characters, and how it influenced generations of gamers. Read on

Origins of the “Yes” Meme

Have you ever wondered where the "yes" meme came from? We'll look at the origins of Nicolas Cage's Yes Meme, the "Protegent Antivirus" "Yes," and Chad Nord's racist slur. Hopefully you'll find some insight in this article. Until then,

Mangago – Read Manga on the Go

Mangago has a long history of piracy, but it has also suffered a recent server emergency. As a result, services are temporarily unavailable. While the owners of the site have declared that a fix will be available in a few days, users are

How to Solve Wordle Today

The New York Times has a website called Wordle that challenges users to guess a word every day. You can only enter the number of letters in the word, and if you guess correctly, the letters will be highlighted yellow or green,

Five Tips For Catching BBC Sport Football

You've probably heard of BBC sport football coverage but never wondered what the heck it's like. What's the best way to catch the action? Here's a look at the live coverage of bbc sport football and some former commentators. Read on for