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What is Shungite?

Shungite is a mineraloid found in Russia. It was first described from a deposit near the village of Shunga. The name "Shungite" comes from the village. It is a very common mineral, and has a lot of other uses, including being antiviral and

What Makes a Palomino Horse Special?

The palomino color in horses is a genetic trait. This coat is gold with white mane and tail, and can range in hue from bright white to yellow. This unique color is produced by one allele of the cream gene, which works on a red base coat.

How Does Erode Affect the Environment

Erode is a natural phenomenon that occurs due to the action of water, wind and glaciers. Learn the different ways erosion occurs and why they affect the environment. In this article, we will examine the impact erosion has on our lives.

Who is John Wick?

You have heard about the legendary hitman known as jhon wick. You know, the guy whosurvived multiple gunshot wounds, stabbings, and blunt force trauma. You know that he uses aderringer pistol, and kills people. But who is he and what's his