Can I Take Emergen-C While Pregnant?

For many people, when they’re pregnant, it’s top of mind to take care of themselves and protect the baby. So maybe you’ve considered how best to boost immunity during cold and flu season, or perhaps that time has come now. Some may not even think twice before reaching for an Emergen-C supplement because its packaging claims it supports immune system health.

However, there are other options like eating more fresh produce with vitamin C, such as citrus fruits. Which can help strengthen resistance against infection by strengthening your white blood cells. Including natural killer cell activity. While supporting healthy respiratory function, so don’t just rely on these tablets alone.

You have always been a health nut, but you are now even more so with your new lifestyle choices. As a result, you’re suspicious of the food on your plate and anything else that comes near it for fear. They’ll make you sick or suffer an unforeseen consequence from their use in any way, shape form.

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Chewable Vitamin C is safe for pregnant women to take, according to Dr. Daniel Roshan. He says that it increases iron absorption from the stomach and decreases anemia. In addition to helping people recover faster after catching a cold.2.

Vitamins B & D are both water-soluble, which means any excesses don’t end up leaving your body with this type of vitamin. However, they do not provide illuminative benefits as Emergen-C does. So if you want better immunity against illness. While trying to conceive, make sure these nutrients make their way into every cell.

What Is Emergen-C?

It’s hard to imagine the first time you took a sip from an orange juice box. Now it feels so long ago. But as much as we love those childhood memories and all of their sweetness in our lives today. They weren’t always there. Back then, people had no idea what was happening when they drank something that felt good on the inside. But didn’t have any nutritional value.

Besides, maybe some vitamin A or C here and there if that is where your local grocery store happened to find space for its produce section. That changed quickly, though, because soon after discovering how delicious these drinks could be made out [their] children.

The 2013 study found that while vitamin C did not reduce the incidence of colds. It appeared to shorten a cold’s duration and decrease its severity.

The recent lack of research on Emergen-C has left many consumers without definitive answers about whether or not this particular supplement works as the manufacturer claims. However, a more recent review looked at what little information is available from previous studies conducted between 1998 – 2011. Which showed some promise in preventing common sneezing fits among children who took daily doses up until age seventeen years old.

Is It Safe to Take Emergen-C During Pregnancy?

Take Emergen-C while breastfeeding or pregnant? Yes. Despite the unknowns about its efficacy. Taking this nutritional supplement during pregnancy and breastfeeding is safe if you want or need one of these vitamins in your diet.

A few months ago, I read on social media that some people think taking vitamin C supplements like Emergen-c will hurt their baby. Because they contain overdosed amounts for adults. But what did the research show us? It turns out – not true. Studies showed no significant difference when comparing babies born after mothers took extra pills throughout all stages of pregnancy into infancy with children. Whose moms didn’t have any special ergonomic needs around mealtime due to gestational diabetes?

The World Health Organization (WHO) does not recommend the widespread supplementation of vitamin C during pregnancy. But it doesn’t mean you should avoid doing so altogether. That there isn’t enough evidence that would show whether using this nutrient is beneficial and/or harmful. says Jessica the CEO of from Rejuvenating Fertility Center in New York City.

Moua Ninh discusses risks associated with taking supplements like ascorbic acid while pregnant at their most vulnerable stage. According to doctors, such practices could harm both mommy-to-be and unborn child. However, they can also provide certain health benefits depending upon what specific deficiency one suffers from.

There is no need to take Emergen-C frequently, as it has rare side effects but can still happen. The most common is diarrhea and gastrointestinal upset. Other possible outcomes include nausea or vomiting along with stomach cramps.

It’s also best not to exceed the recommended dosage for adults (2g per day).

What If I use Emergen-C Before Realizing I’m Pregnant?

It’s important to understand the risks associated with taking Emergen-C while pregnant. While there isn’t evidence of harm. This vitamin supplement may result in side effects like diarrhea or stomach discomfort if you take too much. Keep in mind that these negative outcomes can also happen before knowing one has a pregnancy. However, rare instances are not expected on account of how unlikely they would be at all during the gestation period.

Our bodies naturally produce most vitamins and minerals we need through food sources alone. Still, every now then, some people might find themselves short on certain nutrients due to their genetics6 So when trying out new products.

Benefits of Emergen-C During Pregnancy

Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that the body needs to stay healthy. One way it can help with this, according to Dr. Roshan, is by increasing iron absorption. Hence, you have more of what’s needed in your stomach for a mealtime snack or meal before taking any medications. Which will reduce possible side effects from these drugs due to being low on vitamins K & D.

The jury might still be out regarding whether Emergen-C does work as advertised. Still, studies show how vitamin c has helped people at risk not become anemic while also reducing the severity and duration of their common colds.

In the United States, it’s rare for people to develop a vitamin C deficiency. But suppose you’re experiencing food insecurity and don’t have access to enough nutrients in your diet. In that case, supplementation might be worthwhile because this disease can result from not having enough of these essential vitamins.

In countries that often lack necessities such as clean water or nutritious foods. many more suffer from scurvy than those living outside poverty situations due largely at least partially because they normally eat fresh fruits and vegetables every day. Which helps maintain their immune systems against illnesses caused by malnutrition. Most Americans only know someone diagnosed with scurvy after seeing one on an old movie title card referring back decades ago when sailors would carry around small canned goods aboard ships, leaving them exposed.

 A list of common signs and symptoms that can occur during pregnancy, such as nausea and vomiting. Some other possible indicators for vitamin C deficiency include heartburn or stomach cramps. Bloating or swelling affects fluid balance in your body, which could lead to weight gain if not treated properly. Fatigue is due to the physical burden of carrying around an extra load on top of what we already have. Plus emotional pressure is associated with figuring out what’s going wrong and insomnia since our minds tend to wander at night while sleeping. So even though falling asleep might seem like restful relaxation after days spent worrying over problems, instead go through some productive thought patterns.


If you want the glow, make sure your body gets enough vitamin C. Good sources for this include broccoli, kiwi fruit, and tomatoes.

The best way to get that healthy-looking skin is foods rich in Emergen-C, like oranges or strawberries. You can also try adding them into meals as an ingredient next time you cook. Remember not too much, though, because they’re pretty acidic after all.

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