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The Indian papadum, Appalam or Indian papad is a flatbread or a thin wafer made from dried lentils and is eaten baked/roasted or deep-fried! Papar/papad/papadum is very famous in the Indian subcontinent and is considered the best savoury snack.

Indian Papadum’s composition differs from region to region and may be different for various individuals too. Usually, it is made of cereal, pulse or soya flour with spices and chemicals as per the taste requirements. Shaping the dough round and thin, it is then allowed to dry in the sun.

The dried flatbread is then deep-fried or roasted on an open flame or microwave according to the taste and texture requirements.

Papad are served as an accompaniment, meal finisher, savoury snack or even soup croutons.

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Buy the Best Indian Papad/Papadum at Low Cost in Germany

Papadums are an important ingredient of Indian kitchens, making it very vital to buy them at good prices. offers papadums at the cheapest market prices, and the best brands and types of papads in its catalogue make it the best place to buy papads online in Germany at low cost.

Types of Papads at

1. Moong Dal Papad

Moong dal papads come with the goodness of the green gram and are blended with pepper, chillies and other dry spices. They are best suited for completing the Indian meal and can be consumed fried or roasted.

Bikaneri moong dal papad are very crunchy and tasty; you can buy it from dookan at €2,29 for a 200gm pack. Currently, only the Ganesh brand is available for moong daal at

2. Jeera Papad

Jeera papad is a very thin wafer made of lentils and filled with cumin seeds. Jeera papad tastes best when deep-fried or roasted.

Dookan offers three Indian Papad brands in Jeera (cumin) papad :

BrandProduct NameSizePrice
7oak7oak Jeera Papad200gm€1,89
Lijjat PapadLijjat Papadum (Cumin) Jeera200gm€189
HeeraHeera Mini Papad Jeera(Cumin)200gm€2,93

3. Sindhi Masala Papad

These papads are the most important part of any Sindhi meal. Sindhi families welcome their guests with Sindhi papad and water; it is that much important to them. Traditional Sindhi papad masala are made from urad dal(black gram) spiced with black pepper and is a perfect savoury snack to be enjoyed at any hour of the day.

Dookan offers 2 brands in Sindhi Papads:

BrandProduct NameSizePrice
7oak7oak Sindhi Masala Papad200gm€1,89
LijjatLijjat Papad Sindhu Masala200gm€2,19

4. Methi Khakhra

Whole wheat methi khakhra are a saviour in munchies and are also very beneficial in improving the digestive system. Dookan offers 200gm Heera brand methi khakhra for just €2,19.

5. Garlic Papad

Garlic Papad are a typical north Indian style papad that becomes super crispy and tastes amazing due to garlic flavouring after roasting on an open flame. Dookan offers 200gm Heera brand garlic papad for just €1,79 and 200gm Heera brand mini garlic papad for just €2,93.

6. Red Chilli Papad

Red chilli papad is made of lentils with red chilli flake sprinkling, making them super spicy and tasty. Dookan offers a 200gm packet of Heera brand red chilli flavoured papad for just €1,79

7. Green Chilli Papad

Red chilli papad is made of lentils with dried green chilli chunks, making them spicy and crunchy. Dookan offers a 200gm packet of Heera brand red chilli flavoured papad for just €1,49 and Heera brand green chilli mini papad for €2,93

8. Black Pepper Papad

Black pepper papad are moderately spicy and are very common as anyone can enjoy them. This flavour of papad is also famous because they are used in making other recipes like masala papad, papad ki sabji, papad pakora etc. Dookan offers 200gm Heera brand mini black pepper papad for just €2,93

9. Other Papads at

  • Heera Brand Chatpata Khakhra
  • Heera Brand Bajri Khakhra
  • Aachi Brand Appalam (South Indian Papad)
  • Madurai Meenakshi Brand Appalam
  • Heera Brand Jeera Khakhra
  • Heera Brand Plain Papad
  • Heera brand Plain Khakhra


Papads Indian Snacks are often eaten as a munchies snack or appetizer. Since its beginning, papad have been modified according to the taste and flavours of different regions. Traditionally papad was enjoyed with chutneys, but it has emerged as an ingredient of various Indian dishes. Rajasthani Indians even use north Indian papad in cuisines like papad curry and papad sabji.

Papad is important, and a traditional Indian thali is incomplete without papad being served in it. Buy papad in Germany at the lowest costs from

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