Buy the best orient fan under your budget

Not only for their cooling effect, but fans add to the timeless beauty of our personal spaces. Despite craving to install the best fan in our rooms, budget often constraints in purchasing the finest model. 

However, no worries when Orient Electric, a leading manufacturer of diverse fans, is there. It has brought to us the most affordable yet elegant pieces that perfectly match our residences’ interiors. From ceiling fans to stand fans, it has it all. Read below to know about the Orient fan price & benefits offered by its preeminent models. 

Best Budgeted Orient Fans 

  1. Orient Arctic Air 3 Blade Ceiling Fan:
  • You can purchase this brown or white coloured model from either Amazon or Flipkart at INR 1,839 and INR 1520 only.
  • This 48-inches fan doesn’t have a luxurious look but goes pretty well with any type of interior and is the most suitable for medium-sized rooms of an approximate size of about 3.65 x 3.65 m. 
  • Its motor rotates with a maximum speed of 340 RPM that is enough to emit a cool breeze all the time. 
  1. Orient Wall 44 3 Blade Wall Fan
  • If your room isn’t very large and hanging a fan from the ceiling will make it look more congested, this model is one of the best alternatives.
  • This 15.748-inches fan is available for INR 2,055 only.
  • Besides taking up less space, it comes in a combination of white and purple, giving it an attention-grabbing appearance.
  • Most importantly, it delivers a highly efficient performance. The motor speed is as high as 1330 RPM and can create a chill effect in the room. 
  1. Orient Wendy 3 Blade Ceiling Fan
  • This model has an eye-popping appearance, and installing it can elevate the magnificence of your space.
  • It is available at the cheapest rate of INR 2,599 only. 
  • The blades are made of aluminium. They make the motor speed up at about 320 RPM to push more and more air in a room, producing windy and breezy conditions to let the occupants relax. 
  • With about 48 inches, it’s the best suited in living spaces with medium or large sizes. 
  1. Orient Stand 31 3 Blade Pedestal Fan
  • This is a table fan model that has the advantage of being carried anywhere, unlike ceiling fans.
  • You can get it for INR 2,299 only. 
  • As far as the cooling effect is concerned, this model gives an outstanding outcome as the 3 blades make the motor rotate at a very high speed of 1300 RPM.
  • Besides, it comes in white and requires quite a little space to fit itself in a living space.
  1. Orient Electric Under Light Wood Wind 5 Blade Ceiling Fan
  • Just make your budget a little higher to add an aesthetic look to your room with this model.
  • You can avail it at INR 6,814 only and get a 2-year warranty too along with it. 
  • Not only does this metallic bronze coloured model perfectly complement the home decor and add to the sophistication. Its 5 blades with a wood finish are known for efficient air delivery.
  • It is also furnished with lighting and a reversible motor that can circulate warm air during the winter season.

These are some models you can opt for if you are looking forward to buying a fan at a budget-friendly rate. Hope this list of Orient fan prices and descriptions has been fruitful for you. So, now don’t give a second thought and install the best Orient Electric fan in your living space!Bajaj Finserv EMI Store has the latest fans in their stores.

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As fans are of immense importance in our lives, we are willing to purchase its best model. However, not all of us can afford costly luxurious fans. Orient Electric manufactures the cheapest models of this appliance. So, before deciding to opt for an affordable fan from this company, here’s a list of Orient fan prices and specifications of the best models. Which will be the best-suited fan in your room? By the end of the article, you will be having an answer to this.

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