Buy Double Bed Mattress Online at Lowest EMI From Bajaj Mall

The mattress you use can affect whether you wake up refreshed or upset. To get a good night’s sleep, you must purchase a mattress that perfectly fits your needs. Because double bed mattress online is the lowest, you should search for the ideal model online.

Whether you want a queen-sized mattress for more movement space or a king-sized mattress for more legroom, you’ll find it all when you shop online! If you’ve been considering purchasing a bed mattress, now is the time. Numerous types, sizes, and compositions of bed mattresses are available online. Get a mattress on bajaj mall at the best deals!

How to Purchase a Mattress Online

Mattress shopping is the most convenient on the Bajaj Mall. Furthermore, the mattress on bajaj mall has the lowest bed mattress prices. To find your ideal match, sort your options by mattress cost, size, type, and so on. Once you’ve found your perfect match, add it to your cart and check out. The Bajaj Mall, on the other hand, ensures that the mattress price does not deter you from purchasing your preferred model of peps mattress, spring tea mattress, or any other brand.

You can purchase the mattress online by using the Bajaj Finserv EMI Network Card from the Bajaj Mall at No Cost EMI plan. Using the EMI Network Card, you can get a zero-down payment offer on select models and exclusive benefits like cashback vouchers. You can also use a buying guide to find the best mattress.

Considerations Before Purchasing the Best Mattress

Mattress Cost: The cost of a mattress is determined by several factors. The price of a bed varies depending on its size, type, and brand. For example, king-size models are more expensive than queen-size models.

Mattress Comfort: When choosing a mattress model, comfort is critical. One of the most comfortable models is a foam mattress. However, it is rather expensive. Models with spring coils are less expensive, but they provide less comfort.

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Mattress Size: When purchasing a mattress, consider the size of your bed. Your height will also play a role in determining the appropriate mattress size. Choose a king-size model if you are tall. A queen-size mattress may be better if you like to move around while sleeping.

Your Budget: Keep in mind that mattresses have a long lifespan. This means that spending a little more money on one will last you for years.

Mattresses for Sale by Size

You should know the size of the mattress you require before purchasing a new one. You can choose from the following mattress sizes based on the number of people sleeping on the bed mattress.

Single Bed Mattress: If you’re looking to buy a mattress for yourself (a single bed, cot, or diwan), a single bed mattress is a way to go. These models are ideal for a single person because they are 36 inches wide.

A double bed mattress online is ideal for two to three children or if you prefer to sleep with your pet by your side. The mattress is 56 inches wide and 75 inches long. 

A queen-size mattress is ideal for couples because it allows you to sleep comfortably with your partner. The width of a queen-size model is 60 inches. On these mattresses, you can even sleep with your child.

King Size Mattresses: The Bajaj Mall offers a large selection of ideal king-size mattresses for families. These are large enough to accommodate two adults and one or two small children. If you have trouble sleeping, buy this mattress online. The mattress’s increased width makes it ideal for restless sleepers.


Today, you can find a variety of mattresses from leading mattress brands such as Kurlon, Sleepyhead, and many others. These mattresses differ in size, thickness, layers, and materials used to create them. You can choose your favorite double bed mattress online according to your size. And any other sizes like: Single bed mattress, queen-size mattress, or king-size mattress based on the number of people using the mattress. 

Furthermore, you are not required to visit mattress stores to purchase a new model physically. You can buy the model you want by shopping for your favourite mattress online. The Bajaj Mall offers a diverse selection of top-brand mattresses.

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