Papa Johns Budget Friendly Meals for Birthday Parties

Budget Friendly Meals for Birthday Parties

Times are tight for everyone, but that doesn’t mean you or your loved one should skip having an excellent birthday party. A wide variety of budget-friendly foods are available for parties, but perhaps one of the most popular is chicken wings. The versatile food is delicious and chock-full of protein. Read on to get some ideas before you start Googling “chicken wings near me.”

Be Sure To Add Chicken Wings on Your Party Meal List

Does the birthday boy or girl happen to love chicken wings? Why not create an entire party based around them? A chicken wing party allows you to provide a wide variety of wings that range from mild to spicy to gourmet, making it easy for all your guests to find something they like. 

If you’re hosting the party during cooler months, you’ll want to plan ahead, baking the wings and saucing them well before the party begins. During the summer months, you can simply fire up a grill or two if you prefer. Grill the wings and provide a variety of sauces or dry rubs for people to create their own recipes. 

Of course, you’ll need more than chicken wings and spices to keep the party going. Don’t forget plenty of drinks, disposable plates, napkins, and foil pans to keep cleanup a breeze. 

Don’t Forget About Those Famous Buffalo Wings From Papa John’s

If you don’t have the time or money to create a make-your-own-wings party, don’t worry. Consider searching for “wing delivery near me” instead. Chances are you’ll come across Papa John’s. The chain may be known for its pizzas, but its wings are just as delicious.

Papa John’s serves oven-baked, bone-in wings and is particularly known for its Buffalo-style wings. The spicy sauce has plenty of heat. Of course, milder options are available as well. Traditional BBQ wings use a thick smokehouse-style sauce, while the relatively new honey chipotle wings are the perfect combination of sweet and spicy. You can even order naked wings for those who love chicken but aren’t a fan of sauces. 

Fill Out Your Menu With Other Budget-Friendly Foods

Naturally, if you’re hosting a birthday party for a loved one, you want to ensure all the guests are comfortable and enjoy good food. Some people are vegetarians or vegans. Others simply don’t like the taste of chicken. For this reason, it’s important to include other items on your party menu.

Whether you order from a restaurant or cook the food yourself, pizza is an excellent choice to add to your wings. Include the basics, like pepperoni or plain cheese, or get creative with supreme pizza or Hawaiian toppings. Pizza is a good way to cater to different dietary needs too since you can make gluten-free, vegetarian, and vegan pies.

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