What feature do so many of our industrial weddings have in common neon signs? It’s all about the neon for them! We have genuinely enjoyed witnessing couples add their unique signature neon sign to their wedding décor. It provides a little glimpse into their own humor, inside jokes, and love story. The most important thing, however? It’s something that the two of you might come to value once you’ve tied the knot. We are going to show you a small selection of the neon signs that we have published throughout the years in the hopes that it may inspire you to create your own piece of lighted art.

It goes without saying that we adore a great wedding sign! When it is a neon sign, it elevates the area to a whole other level in addition to adding some individuality. We are in favor of this wedding trend! This style has been spotted everywhere at hip clubs and lounges, and now that it has entered the wedding industry, we can’t get enough of it. Neon signage is right on trend for the current wedding season, and can be used for anything from a statement ceremony backdrop to lust-worthy bar décor.

What should it say on your neon sign?

We say it a lot when it comes to weddings, but what should your neon sign say? really limitless We advise choosing something other than “Wedding”-related because you’ll most likely keep this piece of art in your house for a very long time and you want it to last. You may choose your initials, your first names, or your new surname for something straightforward. Another understated yet enjoyable approach to make your wedding unique is to incorporate a monogram or logo on all of your equipment.

Using a few phrases, a quote, or a little sentence that you and your partner appreciate together is something we frequently notice and love. It can be a remark you exchange with your partner before you leave the house. An inside joke, a passage from your wedding vows, or a sentimental proverb you adore. 

Neon sign inside a venue

Make sure that your neon wedding sign is entirely unique to you in order for it to have an effect. Consider your last name, a clever proverb, or your initials. We are obsessed with odd proverbs like “Till death do us party.” If a neon wedding sign is your major focus point. You won’t need to spend a fortune on wedding décor because it makes the ultimate trendy statement. The added benefit of this is that you can take your magnificent neon sign home and display it as a priceless keepsake from your wedding.

Keep it short and to the point; if you make it too long, it will sound bulky and lose its meaning. Consider a bright sign that reflects your personality and gives visitors a glimpse into the passion and love you share. Love is all you need, Better Together, and To the Moon and Back are our must-have captions. There are countless possibilities, and your centerpiece will have your visitors swooning!

Include Accents

There’s no denying that the signs are amazing on their own, but to truly take it to the next level. Decorate your lovely neon wedding sign with flowers and other supporting decor items like candles. To order to truly own the style, create a statement spot within your ceremony or reception room. To be fully certain that all attention is your custom piece, you can make it lush and dramatic or simply an accent. In any case, we adore it and don’t see this trend fading anytime soon. These arches with neon writing are stylish!

How to Make Use of Your Neon Sign

What makes your neon sign for sale so special? It may be used almost anyplace! Well, wherever there is a power outlet to plug it into! Consider the following for your ceremony… As the welcome sign, use your wedding background to direct guests to the ceremony location.

For your wedding reception? Consider a backdrop behind the newlyweds, on your photo booth wall, as a bar backdrop, to illuminate the dance floor, as part of the décor of a cosy lounge area, behind your wedding cake, over your seating chart, or as a stand-alone décor piece adorned with flowers.

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