Are You Confused About Wearing Hats? Your Definitive Guide to Using Straw Hats

A fashionable, practical and timeless wardrobe staple, straw hats are made of natural or interwoven synthetic. These hats come with medium to broad brims for providing sun protection. You must be thinking that straw hats are a staple for men, but that is not true. Women wear them all across the globe. It is because straw hats are available in different styles and fabrics. Throughout the world, these hats are known for its style and sun protection. These hats are popular as they are lightweight and durable. Hence, they have become a wardrobe staple all across the globe. However, it is not a recent phenomenon. Ever since ancient times, hats have always remained in fashion.

How effective are straw hats for combating the sun?

Based on the weave and the style of the hat, you find different varieties of straw hats. Those that come with small holes are known for their lightweight and breathability. Straw hats are excellent for protection from the blazing sun. Hence, when you go shopping for a straw hat, it is always better to put it on your head and see how much protection you are getting. These straw hats come with UPF factor or ultraviolet protection factor. If you wish to get maximum protection, you must go with that headwear that comes with UPF 50 factor.

Planning to go for a vacation during summer? You will have to choose straw hats with a tight weave. It will allow minimal sunlight and thereby give you maximum sun protection. You may be thinking that it is costly, but it is not so. These are affordable and go well with different attire.

Do you know the different classifications of straw hats?

From boater style to Panama to fedora style, multiple categories of straw hats are available in the market. These straw hats were initially popular among the aristocratic section of society. Over time, it has become quite popular among the lower rungs of society because of its durability and style factor. Hence, straw hats are your best friend for the next vacation. To put up beautiful attire, you will have to look into the different categories to style yourself for the next occasion.

Boater-style straw hats to go with the traditional look.

Men have always used boater hats as an inseparable part of their formal attire. Featuring stiff straw; these hats come with a distinct look and give a complete appearance to the wearer. The medium size brim and flat crown make these hats a different headwear. The young crowd feels very much enthusiastic in the boater style because it goes well with their uniform. Thanks to the Hollywood stars, they have created classic looks by using fashionable boater hats on different occasions. Do you know that boater hats are a favorite among fashion bloggers? You will find these hats on various travel pages and social media platforms. Moreover, the iconic style is typical for individuals interested in a western style. These are viable unisex options available all across the globe. The fashionable and timeless style is ideal for the formal setting for its distinctive look and protective characteristics.

Why not Panama hats for the sleek style?

If you want to get a distinct style that is easy to wear, you will have to look at Panama hats. These are quintessential accessories for the festive season. Are you looking for straw hats for big heads?Although it was traditionally associated with men, these straw hats have also gained a place in women’s wardrobes. With a tight weave, more detailing, and a distinct look, these hats are affordable for different individuals. They are popular among tourists and vacationers because they provide sun protection along with a classic style. Moreover, Hollywood stars are interested in this headwear and have projected them with style confidence and a sense of personality.

Cool fedora hats to complete your summer look.

Fedora hats are the most common headwear you will find in the market. In most cases, people confuse Panama hats with fedora hats. Well, although they look alike, they have a thin line of demarcation. The material of both the hat makes the difference. Panama hats are made of straw distinctly, but fedora hats are also made of other materials. Hence, felt and straw both are used for making fedora hats. The pinched front, low crown, and moderate brim hats are perfect for your beachside parties.

Lastly, you can look at floppy straw hats, which are very popular among women. These broad brims or floppy hats will give you maximum sun protection and compliment your beachside look.

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