Amazing Tips To Create Viral Content

Every writer, blogger, news, or IT company wants to create content that reaches thousands or millions of users. To do that, they create different kinds of content daily. Even though Google considers content as the king of the internet and social media optimization, several Android app development companies still struggle to create content that could compel the users or make the content viral.

Content and design go hand in hand. If the content is great but the graphics supporting it are poor, it will not have much of an effect on the readers’ minds. And that’s why the graphic designing companies in Jaipur that constantly create social media posts, videos for youtube, and infographics for their clients need an experienced and creative team of not only content writers but also graphic designers. 

When you reach the point where you or your team is creating amazing content and graphics that make you proud, then the next step is to do some magic to make that content viral. So, the internet does all the hard work for the marketing of your firms. Let’s have a look at some tips for that:

1) Long-Form Content is What You are Looking For

After the world went into the stream of globalization and the mobile device revolution, the number of content people used to consume digitally had grown by big leaps. Since the screen time of people is constantly increasing, the value they are finding in different kinds of content is diminishing.

As a result, they are not able to find share-worthy content easily. However, long-form content is contrary to the same. As it contains a huge load of information, people have been seen to share long-form content more frequently than short-form content. So even if it takes you thrice as much time as creating short-form content, always go for the quality accompanied by quality. 

2) Images Makes People Share More

Your goal is not to only deliver the best content but to deliver a package that could make that content share-worthy. And, to complete that package, the use of images is a must. In a few studies in the past, it has been observed that the content that has images attached to it has more potential to be shared by other people.

The data of sharing is eye-opening as well. Twice as many people have shared posts with images in comparison to posts without images. 

3) Make Your Content Emotion-Triggering

A study done on 12,230 most-shared blogs around the internet shows astounding data which makes us realize the value of emotions when it comes to viral content. You heard it right. The content that invoked amusement, laughter, awe, or even sarcasm or sadness was the most shared ones around the internet.
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However, you would be amazed to know that different kinds of emotions have a different amount of sharing. Awe, anger, laughter, amusement, and joy were the most shared emotions over the internet while surprise, empathy, and sadness were the least shared ones. 

4) Lists and Infographics Always Rock

When it comes to creating content on a striking idea that just popped up in your brain, a huge list of different kinds of content unfolds. That list contains infographics, how-to articles, lists, videos, posts, short videos, long videos, podcasts, and do-it-yourself articles.

It gets quite confusing at times as you don’t know what should be the primary form of content to be created first. According to research, List, Infographics, and Short Videos are the most-shared content over the internet. And all three are easy to understand for users of all ages. Therefore, focus on lists and infographics-based content when you are creating content the next time. 


We can summarize this by discussing the best tips for making this content viral that contain the highest potential. First of all, lengthy content competition is next to a minimum and only a few people are creating that. That means, creating long-form content is your best bet. Moreover, when you are posting on Facebook, Twitter, or any other social media, be creative with your images. And third, content shouldn’t be used only as a means to deliver information. Instead, it should be used to deliver emotions. Hence, see whether your content is amusement, laughter, or awe-inspiring or not. 

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