All That You Need to Know about a Weed Pipe

Weed or cannabis pipes are popular among smokers in Canada to smoke cannabis that you can conveniently buy from head shops. The history of these pipes date backs to 4,000, with a piece of evidence found in Egypt of the remains of pipes and tobacco leaves. There are different pipes you can try out for smoking cannabis if you are a first-timer; however, stoners prefer smoking different types of smoking instruments, not just pipes. Usually, you will find the descriptions alongside the purposes of different types of cannabis pipes to smoke weed in online smoke shops. A weed pipe is different from many other smoking instruments for smoking cannabis in terms of its shape. 

Different Types of Cannabis Pipes:

Let us dive into the descriptions about different types of pipes for smoking cannabis:

  1. Hand Pipes: Stoners also call them spoons, and these are the most usual pipe used for smoking weed. These pipes can effortlessly lie in the palm of your hand, having a bowl for stuffing your bud and a stem for inhaling the smoke. You will also uncover a hole in the bottom of the bowls of hand pipes letting the smoke travelling through the stem and a large hole on the side (carb), permitting the smokers to control the airflow. Typically, you will find glass hand pipes, although they are also made of wood and metal.
  1. One-Hitters: Chillums are called one-hitters, and they are small in size, typically 2 to 4 inches or 5 to 10 centimetres long. These pipes are shaped like a tube with the mouthpiece on one end; small opening for the weed on the other end. One-hitters can hold a small amount of smoke, equivalent to one hit; for the same reason, these pipes are known as one-hitters, besides chillums.
  1. Steamrollers: When you combine both the hand pipes and chillums, you get the characteristics of steamrollers. They are usually cylindrical, which is the shape identical to one-hitters, and they imitate certain features of hand pipes, including the carb and large bowl. However, there is a difference between steamrollers and one-hitters—the open area at steamrollers’ front, permitting better and more airflow than one-hitter pipes.
  1. Pop-Culture Inspired Pipes: Pop culture all through history has made different categories of pipes famous. For example, the Sherlock pipe, which became famous owing to the fictional detective, Sherlock Holmes featured as a long and curved shape pipe) and Gandalf (originally, Churchwarden pipe associated with the wizard featured in the movie ‘Lord of the Rings; it is meaningfully lengthier than a Sherlock pipe)

How Should You Use a Cannabis Pipe?

Smoking a weed pipe is simple for smoking cannabis as it does not involve any rocket science. To smoke it, you need to follow the following steps:

Step 1: Take a small amount of cannabis and crush it using your hand or a grinder.

Step 2: Next, pack your cannabis into the pipe’s bowl and not overpack your bowl. If you pack firmly, it will limit airflow and make it difficult for the smoke to travel.

Step 3: Hold your pipe in the palm of your hand and place your thumb or finger over the carb, based on the pipe’s construction that will be on either side of your pipe’s end. You do not need to worry about the carb to cover using a one-hitter, though.

Step 4: Flash a lighter and bring it close to the bowl’s surface and inhale, making sure your finger stays on the carb. It will attract the flame towards the bowl. Light up your weed and let the smoke create and inhale through the stem.

Step 5: Once the flower begins burning and turns hot red, take the flame away from the bowl. Let the flower burn hot red, casing or uncasing your carb in a tapping motion and inhale.

Step 6: Exhale and repeat the process unless you have smoked all the weed in a bowl.

Cleaning Glass Weed Pipes:-

Usually, you smoke glass weed pipes that build up the remains, leading to blockage and a less enjoyable flavour of cannabis. It happens when you do not clean your glass pipes. Here is how you need to clean a glass pipe:

  1. Put your pipe in a plastic bag, which is sealable.
  2. It is time you filled your bag with isopropyl alcohol and submerged the pipe in it.
  3. Add table salt and leave the pipe to soak in the bag for 12 hours to let the alcohol dissolve the resin.
  4. Afterward, shake the bag firmly to remove any possible resin present in your pipe.
  5. Remove the pipe from your bag and wash it carefully using dish soap and water. 
  6. Let the pipe dry. That is it.


A weed pipe has been popular for ages, and there are different types of cannabis pipes you can purchase from online head shops in Canada to enjoy smoking. Types of cannabis pipes include hand pipes, one-hitters, steamrollers, and pop-cultured inspired pipes. Using cannabis pipes is not difficult, and cleaning it is mandatory if you want to enjoy flower flavours smoking cannabis using them. Shop Rite ( is a smoking shop in Canada where you can buy smoking instruments at affordable rates.

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