All about lawsuit against dog bite injuries

Dogs are the most loyal creatures in the world and are lovable, dogs are also known as ‘Man’s Best Friend’ their unconditional love for their owner makes them the best pet for yourself.  However, some dogs are dangerously aggressive and may bite to severe injuries.

A dog bite may cause severe injuries such as:

Dog bites may lead to severe injuries and are worse than they look, like some dog bites may leave scars and bite marks.

  • The common dog bite injuries may include:
  • Broken bones: the most severe injury can cause by a dog bite is broken bones. The Hardest bite by a dog can cause broken bones.
  • Eye injuries: The worst injury by the dog bite is an eye injury.
  • Nerve damage, scars in the body, unvaccinated dogs may cause rabies, face, head, neck injuries, etc.
  • There are some cases when a dog bites you when you are playing with one, if a dog injured you when you were running away and knocked by an aggressive dog then you have a legal right to money from the owner of that dog for your injuries.  

There are several breeds of dogs such as pit bull and Rottweiler that are born aggressive, their bite may become vicious, one in every five dogs bite aggressively and their bite needs serious medical attention, these medications may require expenses and if the bite is serious then the medical expenses may be higher as expected.

If an aggressive dog has bitten you badly, you should immediately contact Abogados casos de lesiones por ataques de perros, you are eligible for the compensation for your loss injuries cases they will review your case and if needed they will hire a specialist for investigation and will demand your money which you are entitled to either by negotiation or by litigation.

Who is liable for a dog bite?

In most cases, the owner of the dog is held liable for any dog bite, almost in every case the owner of the dog is responsible for every action done by the dog, and if the owner is aware of the biting actions of his/her dog that will also make the owner liable.

Factors affecting the liability of the bite

  • If a dog has bitten you on the property of the dog’s owner then the owner may not be liable for the compensation.
  • If you provoke a dog, and the dog has bitten you after the provocation so in this situation dog’s owner is not liable for the compensation.
  • The victims’ compensation may be affected if the victim of a dog bite is partially responsible for the action of the dog by trespassing or by provocation.

How you can file a lawsuit against a dog bite?

You should report the incidents to the authorities, and collect information about the dog and its owner. In some areas, the report of the incident should also be sent to the animal control agency.

Next, you should collect all information and shreds of evidence of bite on your own. Though the agency will investigate the case on its own it is recommended that you should also conduct a parallel investigation for the collection of evidence such as the name of the owner, his/her address, date, and time of the incident.

If you can collect the photos of the dog, your injuries, license information, etc. Is helpful to reach out to your eligible compensation.

Common compensation related to the dog bite

  • Medication cost.
  • Compensation for suffering the pain.
  • Long term medication expenses.
  • If you have missed your wages during medication.

The last and the most important is to contact Lawyers Dog Attack Injuries cases, as s/he will explain the dog bite laws of your area, negotiate with the owner of the dog, etc.

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