A guide to buying used pianos

Used pianos can function in the same way as a newer model if they are well-maintained with the appropriate amounts of love and care. They’re also more cost-effective. The enjoyment of music and performing an instrument should be accessible to everyone, which is why reselling websites, as well as piano stores, make it possible.

However, determining the worth of what you’re buying might be challenging without the needed knowledge or expertise. Here, we go over the advantages of purchasing a second-hand piano and whether it’s worthwhile to buy a new or used piano, as well as how older used pianos compare to newer replacements.

Should I buy a new or used piano?

When purchasing a piano, the first choice to make is whether to go for a new or second-hand model. With its manufacturer’s warranty, longer life expectancy, and decreased risk of inheriting flaws, the allure of a new one may be tempting. New pianos may appear to be an obvious alternative because of their lower price tag, but some people are unable to afford them.

Furthermore, if you decide to sell it later, you’ll discover that the value has significantly depreciated. If you’re interested in purchasing a second-hand piano, you will quickly discover that there are many types of models, in various styles and finishes, for sale. Second-hand pianos are frequently considerably less costly than new pianos. You usually find that a restorer has cleaned up the old piano to a degree comparable to that of a brand new instrument.

For parents looking to encourage their youngsters to pick up a new musical interest without having to shell out thousands on an instrument that may be unused, a second-hand option is appealing. Plus, if you decide to sell it after a year or two, you won’t have to worry about depreciation.

There are a few disadvantages to consider. Pianos that have been played are less likely to have a clear manufacturer’s warranty, and because they’re old, they’re more prone to possess hidden issues. Unless a piano has been restored, you will almost certainly pay greater maintenance expenses and shorter life expectancies. It would be prudent for you to hire a piano technician to examine and possibly repair your used piano to ensure you receive a high-quality item.

Are old pianos better than new ones?

The best pianos are built to last, but when it comes to a comparison between an ancient and a modern piano, the answer isn’t so simple. An older model may not only have gorgeous aesthetic beauty but can also sound wonderful for many years if given regular attention and maintenance.

Older pianos, even those that have been neglected, might be restored to their former glory and outperform when they were new. On the other hand, newer used piano models look fantastic but require a lot of work to perfect their sound potential.

Whether you’re considering an older used instrument or a new second-hand one, the quality is determined by the technician who worked on it. It’s all about what you want and expect from your piano. Whether they’re ancient or new, acoustic pianos will have their voice, so it’s essential to test them before buying. One thing that should be remembered is that old pianos do not necessarily have to be considered junk.

Finding a decent second-hand piano at a fair price, with just a few minor flaws to be cleaned up, is perhaps the greatest result when purchasing second-hand, allowing you to enjoy the piano without breaking the bank.

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These instruments are given at least two in-house tunings so that their stability can be determined, and after we are satisfied that they are structurally sound, they become available for sale. If you want to sell your piano but aren’t sure where to go, read our blog article on “How to Sell Your Piano.”

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