A Foolproof Way to Achieve Top Spot in Google’s SERPs

Everyone wants to rank # 1 on Google’s SERP. And this is a good point of SEO internet marketing services; sitting at the top of the Google SERP ensures you get clicks, lots of clicks. Plus, it’s an instant credibility boost in the eyes of most people.


After all, if Google thinks your content is # 1, it must be excellent. So how are you doing well on the Google SERPs? Is it just the province of giant sites like Forbes and Buzzfeed? Or can you make your way to a top spot?

Well, the short answer is “yes.” You can educate yourself about the Google SERPs, and in this blog, seo services agency in Chicago provides you to go over five strategies you can use to help you do that.

Improve Your Domain Authority

Domain authority is cadent that Google used a few years ago to gauge a website’s reputation. Google stopped posting this number, and it was the page-specific equivalent (page authority) some time ago, but somehow, it’s still clearly part of their algorithm.

To fill the void left by Google’s official number, Moz has created its domain authority algorithm. This algorithm attempts to reverse engineer Google’s algorithm and determine what reputation Google thinks of a given website.


Like Google’s Algorithm, Moz’s Domain Authority Algorithm ranks websites from 1 to 100 based on several factors, such as backlinks, root domains, and your site’s history.

It takes a lot of time to increase your domain authority. Google, and by extension Moz, want to see relevant and consistent content that meets user needs. Most of the major publications have been around for years and have hundreds or even thousands of pages, articles, and web visitors.

The good news is that the lower your domain authority, the easier it will be to increase it.

Get More Backlinks

Backlinks are a vital part of seo internet marketing services, how Google determines your content’s value. The idea here is straightforward: When a website or web page provides valuable content, other websites will naturally link to that content. The only problem is, most people don’t do a lot of research to find good content. They usually look at the first search results on a page, identify a good source, and link it.


As a result, content that ranks well tends to get more backlinks. Misclassified content tends to fall more and more in the dark, So how do you solve this problem?

The best way to increase backlinks is through content marketing. The more valuable content you create, the more likely people are to find and connect with it. It is one of the reasons blogging is so popular with businesses. It gives them a great platform to post content and helps them build an audience that loves your business (and hopeful backlinks to your site).

Another way to use content marketing is to create lead magnets. Usually, high-value pieces of content, such as case studies or white papers, provide unique insight. Whatever the content strategy, the important thing is to find ways to maximize visibility. Your content likely won’t rank # 1 on Google’s SERP overnight, so you need to distribute your content more directly to get backlinks.

For example, you can share your content on social media, ask influencers to review it, or send an email directly to websites and ask them to link to your content. Or, if you want to make sure your article gets seen, you can always run ad campaigns that promote your content.

If you don’t know how many backlinks you have or want to see how many you are getting, you can use a tool like SEMrush’s backlink audit tool to track your backlinks.

Create your backlinks

Of course, if you want to make sure that your content gets backlinks, why not do it yourself? If you write articles for other websites, you are the one who decides (well, with information from the publisher of that website) which high authority content can link.


This type of strategy takes a lot of work, but it is one of SEO internet marketing services’ most reliable ways to get backlinks from other websites. Most publishers, including yours, love high-quality free content, so if you’re ready to create some excellent content for their site, they’ll generally be willing to publish it.

At the very least, you’ll usually get at least one backlink to your website on your author profile, and if you have great content on your website, you might be able to snag some additional links in the actual article. 

For example, after completing our audit of 2,000 Google Ads accounts, we could use those results to get tons of backlinks through guest posts. It was content that people wanted to know about, so the editors were happy to allow us to link to it in our articles.

If you want to be smart, you can also link to guest posts you posted in your last guest posts. This way, your old posts’ authority increases and makes your links to your content even more valuable.

Optimize Everything to Get the Right Keywords

Your keyword strategy is at the heart of a good Google SERP ranking. Ranking well doesn’t mean much if you rank the wrong keywords. However, the keyword strategy you use is essential. There are a few things when choosing which keywords you want to target:


Choose your keywords based on your domain authority. If you want immediate visibility in the SERPs but have a Domain Authority of 16, you’ll want to research the least competitive keywords possible. Pick from the low-composition keywords, find the ones with the bunch’s highest search potential and start there. You can still create content and pages for more competitive keywords and can be shared elsewhere, 

Consider your research intent. Like in the previous story, your content should match the keyword’s search intent if you want results. Someone looking for a “social media agency” probably won’t like “10 Tips for Deciding if Starting a Social Media Agency is for You!” They want to find someone to hire. If your content doesn’t match the estimated search intent, it doesn’t matter where it ranks.

Optimize your site

If you want a way to improve your chances of getting a good Google SERP ranking, you might want to look into cleaning up your website’s back-end.

The first place in SEO internet marketing services is the speed of your site. These days, we all expect instant gratification. We want our food to be ready quickly, for food (and almost everything else) to be delivered to our doorstep, for packages to arrive in two days (or less). And for web pages to load in less than a second.

Since Google’s goal is to connect people to the web pages and sites they search for, they pay special attention to the factors that increase bounce rate. After all, a high bounce rate indicates an awful user experience. Since Google doesn’t want a reputation for sending people to low-quality and frustrating websites, Google’s algorithms de-prioritized sites with slow load times.

It is suitable for both natural and paid search results.

So if you are looking to improve SEO performance, SEM performance, or just your overall user experience, increasing your website speed is a great place to start. 

“Ranking #1 on the Google SERP is a goal for any website. That’s why Google Ads exists—it gives businesses a pay-to-play way to win on the SERPs. The strategies mentioned above are the key to ranking well on the Google SERP. There’s no exact science to ranking #1, but there are some ways approve by SEO services agency in Chicago to improve your ranking and get results you need.”

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