A different life experience at Kedarnath Yatra


Are you planning to visit a holy site Kedarnath. Then here is an article to let you know what is the best time or best weather for the tour.

Kedarnath Temple temple is in the Rudraprayag district in the Uttarakhand State of India. This temple

is very famous and is dedicated to Lord Shiva. It is believed that it is 1200

years old. Kedarnath is the finest place for paying a visit if you are bored with your busy life and want a break for some time. This destination will take you to the temple of Lord Shiva and you will learn something from the verses and prayers you dedicate him.


In the month of May and June, a lot of people plan to visit Kedarnath because kids have their summer vacation and elders get their holidays easily with the ongoing heat. Since Kedarnath is situated in a hilly area, so it becomes convenient for the people to sustain in such weather. 

With a good heart rate and oxygen level, a normal person can complete the yatra. Since, this is the most suited weather for most of the Indians, the crowd overcasts the suitable weather. There are people all around, and you might find it a little difficult to find your way through the crowd. With loaded people, it becomes difficult to find a suitable hotel to stay in. Even if you find it, those are in a very gusty condition and their prices might shoot up high because of higher demands. And the worst case possible, you may not find one. 

How to visit

And also, if you go by your personal vehicle, then you may not find parking to keep your vehicle. You’ll also have to stand in a long queue to get your biometrics done. These were the cons of the time when most of people prefer to go. So, it is better to choose the time of the year, when there are fewer people, and the weather Is best suited for traveling, and you get the best hotel out there for a comfortable stay. And you worship God with all your faith and your prayers get called.  

The best time of the month to visit this place

Then it is September and October. In this period of the month, the demand is less, and you may get a hotel at a cheaper rate. You will find it suitable to reach places to visit, and you may find peace here. Get your registration done online beforehand in order to avoid a long queue to get your biometrics done. 

Avoid the time slot between 8 and 9 in the morning for your document verification. Wake up early, and get it done early to avoid the crowd. You may even get parking lots if you have to come by car. 

This month is best suited

The weather is also sound, since this is the period of the year when autumn is at the door, and the rainy season has just retreated. The scorching sun won’t be there to peel off your skin and restrain your eyes to look at it. 

And you may get a beautiful view of the Sun kissing the white sheets of the mountain. It won’t be also tiring for you to walk up the streets. And you may feel the spirituality within connecting the soul and mind and finding the ultimate peace.

Which months should you avoid traveling to this place? 

Then it is July and August. Since, this is the period of the month, when rain hits India, then it is most suitable to not travel to any place. Because you may find it a lot difficult to travel and walk by the streets of Kedarnath. Some people might plan to visit this place this month but that would be a complete disaster because the rain in Kedarnath would not be as rainy in other cities or towns. 

Since it is a hilly region, accidents might take place which would create havoc and you might regret your decision later. Especially, when you are travelling with your family. You might not find the ultimate peace for which you went there and might end up soaking all your clothes and spend your time in drying those.

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