A Complete Guide to Healing of a Broken Bone

Broken bones have the ability to heal properly if someone takes care of them. When it comes to children, broken bones can heal more quickly compared to adults. It may take a few weeks to heal a bone properly.

But if the injury is severe, it may take longer in some cases. But it is important to know how a broken bone recovers. 

Let’s explore every step of healing a bone.

Stages of a Broken Bone Healing

When it comes to a broken bone, there are different stages it goes through. The best orthopedic doctor in Lahore shares that these three stages include inflammatory, reparative, and remodeling.

In this article, we will explain these three stages that can help you understand the whole procedure.

The Inflammatory Stage

When your bone breaks, there are some signals that your body sends for special cells. They come to the affected area. These new cells come and cause the affected area to inflame. Due to this inflammation, you may feel redness, pain, and swelling in the injured area. Inflammation on the injured areas lets your body know that this area is injured and you do not need to use it.

The cells come to the affected area or injured areas and help in blood clots around the broken bone. It is the very first step that helps the broken bone.

The Reparative Stage

It takes one week of the injury to start the second stage which is known as the reparative stage. The blood clot around the broken bone is replaced by a soft callus which is a soft bone. It helps in holding the bone together. But it does not mean that you can use this part of the body with such soft bone formation. It may take a few more weeks to heal, such as two to six. Once the callus becomes hard, it may let you use this affected part.

The Remodeling Stage

After the sixth week or a bone injury, the third stage begins. Once the hard callus is developed, the regular bone replaces it. Having an X-ray can help to see the bone. It may look uneven early. But after some time, the bone may take a few months to reshape.

But for some cases, you may need casts and splints. Yes, these can help with your bone support.

How to Hold Broken Bones?

Your doctor may get help using splints and casts that can aid in healing. In three to six weeks, a bone may form completely and the doctors can remove it.

But there are some cases that cannot allow your bone to heal. These conditions include:

  • Using of certain medicines
  • Having a medical condition like diabetes, anemia, osteoporosis, osteogenesis
  • vitamin deficiency
  • a severe break
  • severe damage to skin
  • nerves in the broken bone area, and skin.

People who smoke cigarettes are also at risk of the slow healing process. If you want to promote the healing of a broken bone, make sure that you quit smoking. If you really want to take this step, try to get therapy as it is not easy to meet the cravings for nicotine. Some people may develop nicotine and tobacco addiction which can lead to difficulty to quit smoking. 

There are some medications and therapies that you can take to deal with nicotine or tobacco cravings. Therapies are also very effective to help you in quitting smoking. Get medical help for such issue.

Once you quit smoking, your bones and other organs will start recovering.

How to Promote Broken Bone Healing in Children?

You can boost the healing of a broken bone in different ways, such as:

  • Make sure you keep care of your cast and splint
  • Help them to exercise
  • Try to meet the rest hours
  • Give your children proper nutrients, like vitamin D and Calcium
  • Follow all the directions from a healthcare provider

If we talk about childhood, almost every kid got a different kind of injury once or twice. Many people do need to know how they should contribute to the healing process. Taking proper rest or sleep and eating a healthy diet can help a lot to promote the healing process of the broken bone.

There are some foods that you need to eat during the healing of a broken bone. A combination of veggies and fruits can help to get all the essential nutrients that your bone needs. Dairy products are also good for bone health.

Final Thought

You need to visit the doctor during the healing of a broken bone. The primary healthcare provider will take some X-rays to check the condition or healing of your bone. If there are some abnormalities, your doctor may change some medications or help in reshaping with some splint or cast.

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