9 Best Islands In Thailand For Enjoying Vacations

We all know that in Asia Thailand is the only place where you can enjoy nature, beaches, and buildings with an amazing massage parlor. It truly makes for one of the Best Islands In Thailand For holiday destinations. Each island here has its own style and feel ranging from beach bars to yoga retreats. 

Bustling markets to breathtaking temples and sandy beaches to coral reefs attract a number of visitors every year. You are also interested to visit this place then Alaska Airlines Booking Flights are always available for you. So check the best available offers that help you to make your trip budget-friendly.

You’ll probably find probably a lot of things that will probably catch your interest here. So, whether you want to go here and party all night or re-orient your zen compass here are for you, some of the best islands in Thailand!

Here Is The List Of Best Islands In Thailand For Enjoying Vacations

1. Koh Phi Phi

The beautiful jagged rocks and jungle cover also make it one of the most photogenic islands to visit. The most iconic spot here on this island is probably Maya Bay. Which you could probably recognize even on your first visit here, is more or less filled with tourists and visitors every day; this part of the island has also been featured in “The Beach” starring Leonardo DiCaprio. 

However, if you want to beat the crowds and go on your own adventure here then it is advised to hire a boat. Which is surprisingly cheap and affordable and visit the neighboring islands of Monkey Beach. Even the Bamboo Island and Mosquito Island.

2. Koh Tao

Courses range from four days to one day for beginners and advanced courses. Many activities like night diving, shark diving, and wreck diving are offered here. An approximate 7000 divers get certified here almost every year. The place here draws a lot of crowds exceptionally due to its budget costs and rowdy beach parties that draw in a lot of backpackers.

3. Koh Yao

Koh Yao also has a smaller and more developed sister island called Koh Yao Noi. Where everyone mostly puts up, but if you wish to experience wilder and more rugged trips then Koh Yao should be your main option. Here Koh Yao Naoi’s Six Senses is undoubtedly the best place to stay that provides for providing villas. Which are all well-positioned to make it feel like a private getaway. 

4. Koh Samui

It is a great spot for anyone ranging from first-timers, families. Honeymooners and especially for people in search of great Yoga and Spa destinations. This is quite easy to access with the presence of its own airport and spots like the Wat Phra Yei Temple. Apart from this Big Buddha Statue, Chaweng Beach and Grandfather’s Rock are great places to visit here.

5. Phuket 

Apart from all the crowd, Phuket still maintains some of the best beaches with stylish sun-bathers and hype beach bars. Some great areas here include Patong, which provides for one of the best nightlife and some incredible Buddhist monuments. You can be found that type of thing around Chalong Bay which is one of the Best Islands In Thailand for tourists.

6. Koh Phangan

Irrespective of it, every night here is an absolute bash and for those who wish to walk off or maybe need help with their hangover. This can head to one of the many Thai Masseuse who will most definitely get you back shape or stay low at Bottle Beach which is a favorite among hippies, Also, Read Delta Airlines Customer Care Phone Number.

7. Koh Lanta

Travelers here can take part in some world-class diving, enjoy some delicious seafood. Go kayaking and experience great fun in the beach bars. Family vacations are also ideal with calm water around the beach and a generally safe island atmosphere. Pimalai and Layana Resort and Spa are some of the best places to get great accommodations.

8. Koh Lipe

Sunset beach here is one the quietest and secluded beach and makes a perfect spot to enjoy with your partner. Activities like snorkeling, diving tours of the nearby area are readily available here and the shallow water also makes it an ideal place for swimming. There are many adventurous things available for you visit the Jetblue Airways Website and make your trip plan. You must add this place to your bucket list of Best Islands In Thailand for vacations.

9. Koh Chang

The island has thriving coral reefs and due to its proximity to Cambodia receives lesser rainfall and manages to stay relatively dry compared to the rest of Thailand.  Had Sai Noi Beach has one of the Bohemian beach bar scenes and a taste of traditional fishing can be experienced near Salakkok Bay.

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