7 Key Success Factors for YouTube Marketing, According To Studies

Is it important for you to be successful with YouTube Marketing, or for your company? You want to take your YouTube marketing to the next level, don’t you?

Earlier this year, LenosTube, a branding and marketing agency that specializes in achieving success on YouTube, released an incredible pdf paper titled “The Key Insights for Success on YouTube.” The paper is jam-packed with lessons learned from the company’s operations and it is a gold mine for some.

According to LenosTube’s research, YouTube marketing is extremely important for global businesses. According to the report, the top 100 global brands went from having a few dozen YouTube posts five years ago to having over 10,000 monthly postings in the same year that the report was published. These brands have been credited with more than 9.5 billion YouTube views and more than 258,000 YouTube uploads to their respective accounts.

For businesses looking to replicate their YouTube results, in the paper which we fully read, among the things, LenosTube suggests the following seven essentials for a guaranteed growth and YouTube marketing presence. And this is something that the world’s most successful brands get right every time, so back-proofed by the YouTube channels of some of the greates companies out there.

So, let’s have a look at them.

1. Produce a large number of video-based materials: You must keep your viewers’ interest and attention once you have captured their attention on your Youtube Marketing Channel. Make sure to encourage your viewers to subscribe to your channel so that you can provide them with new videos on a regular basis. According to LenosTube, the most successful brands have 50 percent more videos on their YouTube channels than the least successful companies.

2. Make detailed SEO. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, and videos are worthless if no one can find them. YouTube also has a lot of competitors, so video SEO should be used to its full potential. If you want to make it easier for viewers to find your videos on YouTube, include tags and descriptions with them. As reported by LenosTube, the top 25 percent of global businesses devote more attention to video SEO, maintain more playlists, and employ more video tags than the rest of the YouTube channels with a marketing or brand purpose.

3. Make multiple videos for different touchpoints: Keep in mind that some viewers will seek out your videos for basic information, while others will seek out your videos for more in-depth information. Preparing a variety of videos will allow you to reach visitors at all stages of the marketing funnel.

4. Tie your YouTube videos to your marketing campaigns: Your YouTube videos should be consistent with the messaging you’re promoting while also supporting the marketing objectives of your company. According to LenosTube, successful video marketers will create videos for even a small but interested audience, such as event attendees, in order to maximize their exposure.

5. Ensure that each video has its own distinct brand: Because of YouTube’s sharing features, your videos may be shared on a variety of social media platforms. Make sure that each video has its own distinct brand. That is a positive development to note. Integrate your branding into both the video and its description to ensure that viewers can tell which videos are entirely your creation, “originals” that make your brand stand out.

6. Rather than more channels, increasing the amount of video content is the way to go: While you may be encouraged to create multiple channels for specific product initiatives, great businesses do not encourage this practice in their operations. After you’ve created a main channel, you can start organizing your videos within it using playlists. Purchasers will be able to locate all of your videos more easily as a result of this change and it’s much easier to focus growth one one channel, and benefit from all the videos there.

7. Engage your community through social media: Every time you upload a YouTube video, you’re starting a conversation with your viewers. Encourage people to join in the conversation on social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and TikTok to encourage them to visit your YouTube channel. According to LenosTube, people on social media frequently share content, and videos are particularly well suited for this purpose.

And that’s it; we hope these 7 simple yet key tips for YouTube marketing success will help you or your company achieve great things. At times, the small things or concepts make all the difference.

We also attached a simple infographic (courtesy of Lenos) that you may use to quickly remind yourself these 7 essential factors.

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