7 Gifts For Girlfriend That She Really Wants

It’s hitting close to that time of year over when you have to find the perfect gifts idea for your girlfriend. The witches come out to scare you and ghosts of ex-girlfriends’ past haunt your every waking moment.

I’m not referring to Halloween when all you have to do is present her a little candy and you’ll get lucky in superhero costumes. I’m talking about the time when you have to go over and beyond. (Although, maybe not the worst idea if you’re on funds).

Your girlfriend will go crazed if you take it a step further, like with this drunk corgi tee that speaks style, love, and corgis all in one:

We have come up with a list of the most desirable gifts for your girlfriend for the holidays or any day. Without further ado…


Before you purchase that frame, take a step back and see the big picture. Want one of the best birthday gifts online ever? Encourage her passion for photography and take her the camera of her dreams. Go with a Nikon for the serious photog-lover. See Instax for your hipster girlfriend. And if she’s adventurous, go with a GoPro–you just might take a front-row ticket to her next thrill–couples skydiving? #relationshipgoals


Do you admire giving your girlfriend compliments? She admires getting them. And boy will those compliments be overwhelming once you get her a hot new handbag. If she’s a fashionista she’ll be surprised that you went above and beyond to get her the tardiest, cutting-edge styles as your gift.

Talk about one of the most salutary birthday gifts you could ever get. “I unusually ask for them, but a handbag. I love bags. Bags are my thing, I would like to get one,” stated Jordan Rose, Senior, Spelman College.


If you’re ever over her place, why not tell her how much you appreciate her attention to detail. A cat blanket, a colorful tapestry, or a new colorful duvet is the most desirable gift for your girlfriend to leave her covered up in you and thinking of how sensible you are 24/7. You can’t go wrong with any of these top 10 apartment accessories unless.


“My beloved gifts from him are the ones where we can build memories together at a concert or salsa dancing lessons,” said Shayna Sanderson, Senior, American University “I’m all about the experience… Like a show and he paid for the tickets or a day tour in the city,” stated Ellen Maple, Freshman, Nursing Major, Penn State University. Is she obsessed with Pentatonix like every other Cappella fanatic? Thought so. Take a pair of Pentatonix tickets stat. Has she been gushing on Adele? Hello? Get her tickets for her next show and shock her with them. If she’s a true audiophile, tell her you’ve been listening (see what we did there?) & rock her world with some serious headphone swag or also color-changing speakers.


The key to an amicable relationship is mindfulness…is what all yoga will tell you. She’s been trying to take you into yoga for months; now’s your turn to show her you’ve been listening. Tell how impressed you are with her Firefly pose by taking her some of the hottest yoga essentials like a lululemon mat. Then take one step further and sign up for a class unitedly. Get ready for a completely new outlook on life and love.


Let her recall about you every time she cuddles up on her couch. The online gifts of warmth is priceless. Well, not accurately in this case because a cozy pillow does cost money. But even if you’re on funds, you can rock this one.


“Sincerely if a guy took the time to cook me cookies or make me a CD of songs he understands I love, I would be very happy with that,” said Rachel Dickerman, Senior, Michigan State University

A mix CD gift is timeless. And it pairs wonderfully with just about any gift on our gift list. No matter the platform, a playlist gives you thought into her favorite tunes. These Memorex CDs should do the trick for an old-school present for your girlfriend.

Or make her a Spotify playlist if she doesn’t have her car at the institution. Not assured how to even make a playlist these days? Here’s how to make the hottest love songs for your girlfriend on cassette tape.

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