5 things to keep in mind if you are a first time Diamond jewellery buyer

Fashion is all about styling yourself with the best outfits, make up and jewels. When we say jewels, there are varieties of it say for example –gold, platinum gemstones etc. So we get confused on what to buy and what not to? Now days among all the gemstones the demand for diamonds is on the rise and has become a trend now.

Diamonds have been worn for decades and have been passed on from generation to generation without losing its original shine and luster. Selecting a diamond for your loved ones can be equivalent to choosing a life partner. Many sweat over this task as it involves discreet planning to pick the best from the cluster. However, if chosen the right approach you will be proud of your selection and simultaneously you will also be glad to see the beaming smile on the face of your loved ones which will, in turn, radiate your happiness as well.

Some people are not just happy receiving a gift rather they feel happy after knowing its worth. Same is in the case of diamonds as well. Some people are just overwhelmed from the sight of a diamond, but some try to measure its worth by comparing its size. The giver of the diamond also has a notion that cost of the diamond is directly proportional to its quality. This happens as they are unaware about the real nature of diamonds and the strategies for selecting one.

If you are planning to get a diamond jewel for someone and feeling stuck, then here we have listed below 5 things to be kept in mind while choosing a diamond for the first time.

Plan your budget

The first step for buying any diamond is to plan how much you can and are willing to spend for such a rare and special thing.

Diamond for occasions

Diamonds are mostly gifted to loved ones on special occasions so decide how important the occasion is for which you want to purchase it.

How special

Considering how close a person is to your heart and for whom you are planning the gift. For example, like after planning how much to spend, for the ‘whom’ and the ‘why’ you can decide what suits your budget and the taste of you special one whether it be lab grown diamonds London or natural diamonds or some other variants.

Where to pick

After deciding on the above three points then try inspecting about the place and shops from where you want to buy it from.

The most important task is to tick out the 4 c’s in the checklist while choosing a diamond which will undoubtedly be the best selection. Let’s explore the 4 c’s(cut, colour, clarity and carat).


If you are a first-time diamond buyer you should check what should be the cut of a diamond. The better the cut the better will be shine of the diamond.


Colourless diamonds are considered to be the best.


Lesser the imperfection better is the quality.


Carat is the weight and size of a diamond which depends on the above 3 c’s.

The rarity, authenticity along with the 3 c’s of diamond makes it the king of gemstones. If you are still lost and not getting what to buy then refer to a Jewellery magazine where you can find valuable information from experts to have a clear idea about it.

Diamonds Come in Many Shapes

A diamond should come with a grading report from a reputable laboratory like the Gemological Institute of America (GIA) or the American Gem Society (AGS). This report will contain a lot of details, but the easiest way to assess a stone’s quality is by reviewing the Four Cs: cut, clarity, color, and carat. Of course, you’ll still need to examine the diamond closely, but these grades will be your first indication of the diamond’s quality.

For a diamond, the most important of the Four Cs is the cut. A well-cut diamond will make color and clarity imperfections less noticeable. Since a well-cut diamond will look brighter, it will also appear larger than its carat size.

Although most consumers prefer round diamonds, there are many different diamond shapes, and some non-round shapes will really stand out from the crowd. They’re also available at a discount compared to round diamonds.

Most of these non-round shapes actually appear larger than rounds of the same carat weight. That’s because they have an elongated shape or a diagonal length that makes them look bigger.

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