5 Reasons Why your Business Needs Managed IT Services

The business arena is more competitive than ever and as we move into a new dimension of digital connectivity, every company needs to create a strong IT infrastructure. Most small business owners have limited knowledge of IT and managed IT services hold the solution to everything IT related, powering your business into the 21st century. Many small business owners are not making the best use of available technology, which is where managed IT services come into play.

Here are some of the reasons why businesses engage managed IT services.

  1. Cyber-security – Today’s cyber-criminal is very sophisticated, using numerous techniques to steal data, which they sell; ransomware involves the hacker ‘locking’ your critical data and demanding a ransom to give you the digital key. When you engage the services of IT services in Irvine, your network is protected 24/7 and should there ever be an attempt to penetrate your defenses, your IT support partner can trace the origins of the malware. If you would like to know how good your current cyber protection is, talk to a local IT services provider and ask them to carry out penetrative testing.
  2. Cheaper business communication – We all dread those huge cell network bills every month, yet there is a way to completely by-pass cellphone communication; Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) brings you real-time video at a fraction of the cost and you can call any landline or cell number. Zoom is a very popular platform that has many powerful features for video conferencing and that is a real game-changer. Talk to your local IT support provider in Irvine about VoIP communication and they would be happy to give you a demo call. Blockchain is a new technology that will dramatically change the business environment
  3. Hardware support – Every office manager knows how unpredictable IT hardware can be; workstation PCs have blue screen issues and the photocopier shows an error message every now and then, which impedes productivity. Fixed fee IT hardware support is the perfect solution, keeping your tech equipment in good shape and when an issue arises, a technician is dispatched. Regular maintenance on all office PCs keeps the machines decluttered and optimized for peak performance, while networking issues are handled remotely. You lose a lot of time when IT hardware malfunctions and fixed-fee support is designed for the small business. When buying IT equipment, make sure you get some advice from an IT professional, which ensures that you invest in the right hardware.
  4. Cloud data storage – Storing your business data on secure servers at the provider’s facility is the best way to ensure your data remains secure; automated backup and 24/7 support, you and your employees can login from any location, using any digital device. The network is created by IT professionals, with a permissions hierarchy so you can decide who sees what and authorized people have instant access and files can be updated in real time. There is minimal hardware when you switch to cloud solutions and once the system is up and running, authorized personnel have instant access to the data they need.
  5. Digitalize the office – Don’t wait for the inevitable, take the initiative and turn your office into a paperless zone; simply scan all documents and upload them onto the cloud and you can get rid of those bulky filing cabinets once and for all. Your office workers can bring up any document on their workstation screen, or if they are out in the field. The cloud gives you global connectivity and scanning documents is all it takes to get out of the paper cycle; in a few years, all offices will be paperless, why print when everyone has a screen?

When you hook up with a local managed IT services provider in Irvine, your business will be taken to another level and with cyber-crime on the rise, it is crucial to have 24/7 cyber-security. If you would like to learn more about the above services, Google can take you to the platform of a local IT support company and the rest is easy.

Tailored solutions

There are no one-size-fits-all solutions in the IT world, rather the provider assesses your organization, noting your current IT status and puts together a plan that is designed around your business. VoIP communication is not something you can afford to ignore, especially if you are making lots of overseas calls. Your communication costs can be halved, plus you have the ability to hold Zoom meetings, with many powerful collaboration tools such as file sharing and communal whiteboard.

If your business is in need of IT services, there will be a local provider to evaluate your needsand come up with solutions.

Arjun Sarma

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