5 Features to Consider During Your Cerner EMR Demo

What is Cerner EMR?

With an experienced catalog that expands over forty-odd years, there is no doubt that Cerner EMR is a leader when it comes to medical software. In this time, Cerner has been used as an EMR by thousands of medical practices in the United States.

The headquarter of Cerner is in Kansas City, Missouri, and boasts a reputation of trust and respect within the community of clinics and practices. This is exactly the kind of integrity and responsibility that you may be able to see for yourself during the Cerner EMR demo. 

Features To Keep In Mind 

While you’re taking the Cerner EMR demo, here are our recommendations for top features to keep in mind!

Documenting Clinical Cases Has Never Been Easier

While you’re carrying out your everyday tasks and duties at your medical practice, you will inevitably be hit with an onslaught of clinical documentation requirements. And, you always know, if you don’t deal with the documentation at once, it will pile up and add to your stress.

Cerner EMR makes the entire process of documentation easy and automated, using tools that can allow you to enter information in fields using easy techniques. For example, you can make notes using the voice recognition tool to enter patient notes.

All you have to do is switch on the tool, narrate the note how you want it to show up, and let Cerner do the hard work for you! Wouldn’t that be a dream when it comes to entering patient data into their profiles? This is a critical feature in the Cerner EMR demo that’ll definitely make life at your practice a whole lot easier. 

Customizable Templates to Offer Specialty Care

While you’re taking a demo, one of the features that will definitely stand out and must be tested out is the availability of customizable options in Cerner EMR. This particularly stands for the templates available for use when interacting with patients. 

There are a number of templates already built into the software that may be of use to you, while at the same time, you can create your own forms, using customized fields and various other tools that will help you gather accurate information about patients that you need. 

Many practices spend far too much time dealing with issues regarding forms, which means a customizable form will help you avoid any annoying lags and make sure your patient engagement remains solid. 

Expect Remote and Portable Use

In this day and age, what attracts doctors and physicians to a certain EMR software is definitely the ease of use and benefits it can bring using the latest available technology. This is exactly why Cerner EMR is such a popular software amongst practices!

Using Cerner, not only can you put every bit of patient information on a secure cloud service, but you can also download an app and sync it to your mobile devices and access it any time. 

This is a super useful feature that allows doctor s to check up on their patients, along with being able to access their charts, view their medical history and diagnoses, and request orders for treatment plans in the future. 

Connect With Patients Using A Dynamic Patient Portal

One of the biggest features you can explore while you are on your Cerner EMR demo is the ability to use a dynamic and intuitive patient portal for anyone coming to visit the clinic. Using this portal, patients can play a role in managing the tasks often reserved for your administrative personnel.

The patient portal allows patients to use tools to schedule appointments with physicians, communicate with them. Using secure chat features, and get access to informational content to spread awareness about various medical procedures, processes, and diagnoses. 

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Revenue Cycle Management Made Easy

One of the major stresses on the shoulders of people running practices and clinics is managing the subtle balance of keeping the workflow going, generating enough revenue to get things going, and at the same time managing the costs and spending required to run. 

Revenue Management is a tool offered by Cerner EMR. That will make the entire balancing process easier than you could imagine. The software carefully analyzes the current status of your financial management and picks out areas that require improvement. 

This tool is an important one as you try to grow your practice and improve on revenue generation every year. 

Is Cerner EMR The Right Software For Me?

The next step as you read this article is to wonder whether you should take the plunge and invest in Cerner EMR. We obviously cannot provide you with a solid answer without more information about your practice, its present context, and future goals.

Once you have finished your Cerner EMR demo, you can also read up on reviews, and compare the available features. With what you have in mind to make a sound purchase decision when it comes to Cerner!

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