4 best ball watches of all time

Back in 1981, the railway system of America was not that highly organized. The people did not have any standards for the time. At first, there was no problem, but some severe issues began when the trains were to link several cities.

One day in 1981, the watch of a train’s conductor left working, due to which two trains collapsed very severely, leaving the miserable ending of thousands of precious lives.

Since then, Webb. C took measures to establish the Ball company and started manufacturing accurate watches in 1891 in Cleveland, Ohio. He was made the chief time inspector of the railways. Now the Ball Company is located in La Chaux-De-Fonds, Switzerland.

The Ball brand is the largest producer of watches having chronometer movements that work accurately under high pressure.

Let’s scroll down to see the best 4 watches of the Ball brand.

  1. Ball Fireman Night Train DLC Automatic Watch 

This alluring men’s Ball Watch is made of stainless steel casing with a protective Carbon DLC coating. You don’t need to worry about any cracks because it’s made resistant to scratches with crystal sapphire glass.

The 75-tritium gas tubes of its dial are a great feature to provide enough luminosity, and it does not need you to charge it. 

Besides, the automatic ETA 2824-2 C-P-BK swiss movements are another plus to its features.

  1. Ball Watch Conductor Transcendent

The Conductor Transcendent has stainless steel casing of 35.5 mm in width and 47.5 mm in length with an excellent back of sapphire crystal case. Its movement is automatic, with the type of ETA 2892-A2 having accurate minutes and hands hours, and date display.

The resistance to up to 50 meters of water is an excellent benefit of this watch if you want to buy it specifically for diving. Besides these features, the micro gas tubes let you watch time efficiently in the dark.

  1. Ball Engineer Master II Voyager

This ball watch comes with a steel casing of 40 mm or 44 mm width and can reliably show dual times. It is embedded with Super LumiNova at the time subdial and the Arabic numerals with the addition of 14 gas tubes for the sake of good luminosity even in the dark.

However, to help you watch the time clearly in lower light conditions, this ball watch comes with the embodiment of 60 micro gas tubes in the minute path.

  1. Ball Engineer Hydrocarbon Aero GMT II

Here comes one of the most popular Ball watches among the Ball brand fans. It features a stainless steel casing of about 42 mm in width. While the presence of the sapphire bezel with curved rotation makes it the favorite ball watch of some people who like handling complicity.

This watch can show you three time zones accurately and uses H3 gas as well as LumiNova for better luminosity. In this way, it makes you watch the time easily in any lighting condition.

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